Oct 14, 2022
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Private Medicine Software

Private Medicine Software

7-12 months
United Kingdom
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IT product for health care: medical practices at home. The practice of out-of-hospital medicine is widespread in the UK. Private physicians, once accredited and equipped with a specialized office in their home or by renting space in a clinic, can provide services to patients. Since no single digital system exists for such specialists, they have to resort to inefficient registration and payment practices.


Solutions • Platform integration for paralleling and automating tests. Connecting multiple WMs. • Code refactoring and reducing the number of tests and maximal API usage. • Template and DOD/DOR creation. Improving the quality of tests by increasing the time to prepare them. • Adding daily and weekly QA meetings to the team schedules. • Implementing SLA practices to resolve issues with the highest priority in the shortest time possible. • Increase automation coverage, reduce patching, and reduce regressions. • Increased API testing coverage, increasing scenario stability to 100%.


Coverage of 12% of test cases. • Acceleration of test passing by 30 times. • Increasing the number of successfully passed tests to 100%. • Complete paralleling of tests. • Maximum automation of QA processes. • Time savings of up to 10 minutes per test. • Overall increase in QA productivity. • Cleaned up app code. • Further testing strategy. • Project support by Zapple Tech experts.