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Last updated: June 2024

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Low-code or no-code development, cloud computing, mixed reality, Node.js, Python, PHP, Golang, Vue.js, React, Angular, WordPress, Oracle, MySQL, and SQL are some of the popular technologies that top software development companies in Atlanta use.

Choosing the best software development company in Atlanta is dependent on many factors. The company's experience, expertise of the development team, case studies, reviews, reputation, ongoing support, and maintenance are a few important factors to consider. Defining the project's objectives and deciding on a timeframe and budget also helps narrow down the choices available.

The cost of software development in Atlanta is based on factors like the development team size, location, and time taken for completion. On average, the cost may range from $30,000 to $300,000. The cost can increase with the app's complexity as a larger team and higher expertise is needed.

Atlanta offers many funding opportunities to businesses, including startups and established companies. Most of them are given via Invest Atlanta, a business development agency in the city. Small business loans, New Markets Catalyst Fund, New Market Tax Credits, and opportunity loan fund are a few of the loans. Federal and state grants such as ESG, HOME, and CDBG programs are also present.

While the Atlanta-Sandy Springs-Roswell region in Georgia employs 41,920 software developers, it is higher than the number of software developers in the Chicago-Naperville-Elgin region, which has 40,840 software developers. However, cities like New York and San Jose lead the other cities with 108,650 and 83,860 software developers, respectively.

The average turnaround time for software building in Atlanta depends on the team's expertise, the development methodology, client requirements, and the complexity of the software. On average, a top software development company in Atlanta can take 4 to 9 months or more. The time taken may vary based on the client business, the strengths and weaknesses, and the growth opportunities present for the business.

Maintenance and support of developed software are part of the development cycle. Top software development companies in Atlanta take care of aspects like overall software improvements, correcting errors or bugs in code, boosting performance, and much more. Regular updates are also provided as part of the support to ensure the software performs effectively.

Yes, hiring a top software development company in Atlanta for a remote project is possible. The process reduces the cost of daily supplies, amenities, utilities, space rent, transport charges, and more. Further, software developers prefer the flexible work schedule that remote projects offer. Since software development does not require physical presence in an office setup, developers can take on remote projects without affecting the performance and results.

Capital Choice Financial Group is a service selling life insurance and annuity products. HatchWorks, an Atlanta-based software development company, has provided Capital Choice with software development services, full lifecycle software, cloud application services, and managed application services. 10Clouds is an agile software development company that has high-profile clients like Pinterest, non-profits, and universities. 

High living expenses have a direct impact on the overall cost of software development projects. A high cost of living can result in expensive office rentals, equipment, and a high salary for the project team, all of which affect the bottom line. An extended timeline and a high budget are needed to overcome the high living costs.

Buyer's guide

Atlanta is a rapidly growing city for technology in the United States. Its elite tech talent has carved a niche in the information technology sector. The city has over 17,000 tech companies, making it an innovation epicenter. With reputed academic institutions and tech centers shaping the diverse talent pool, software development companies thrive in the region. The favorable ecosystem also encourages startups to establish and thrive, providing numerous job opportunities and placing Atlanta at a superior level on the tech scale.

Software development gives businesses the boost they need to improve their performance, productivity, and profits. Improving client experiences, introducing innovative products, and making the business environment safe, efficient, and productive are a few of the various benefits software development can provide. Information can be digitized and stored online, saving space. The process also provides centralized and easy access. Data analysis and security are other areas that software development can impact largely. Here is a guide on the thriving tech sector and Atlanta's top software development companies in 2024.

Major Software Development Hubs in Atlanta 

Atlanta is a busy tech hub that offers a promising environment for information technology jobs. It has numerous high-tech startups and big brands like Microsoft, Waystar, and Airbus. Although the city encourages tech growth, a few tech hubs stand apart. 

1. Midtown Atlanta

Midtown has become a prime spot for technology, boasting 15 corporate innovation centers and over 150 startups. It also has many tech accelerators and incubators. Technology Square, the most sought-after tech location, is based here. Tech Square links Georgia Tech and the thriving business hub in Midtown Atlanta. 

Tech Square is also home to many investors, non-profits, and tech entrepreneurs. Tech giant Cisco has invested around $41 million in its talent and collaboration center in the Coda Building in the Tech Square. Microsoft, Google, and Norfolk Southern are other corporations that have offices here. 

2. Buckhead

Supported by the renowned tech incubator Atlanta Tech Village (ATV), Buckhead is a major tech hub in Atlanta. The Atlanta Tech Village is the country’s fourth biggest tech space, with around 300 companies and partners with big corporations like Amazon, Coca-Cola, and Turner to form beneficial relationships between large companies and startups. 

Some of the success stories in this region include Salesloft and Calendly, valued at more than $1 billion. Startups from the ATV incubator have raised a capital of over $2 billion and have created more than 10,000 jobs. The Russell Innovation Center for Entrepreneurship and ATDC (Atlanta Tech Development Center) are two accelerator programs here among the region's various incubators, accelerators, and venture funds. 

3. Alpharetta

Alpharetta houses nearly 600 tech companies, comprising 35% of the tech companies in Georgia. Alpharetta also has over a quarter of Atlanta’s top 25 tech employers. Thus, the daytime working people exceed the residents in the area. The city boasts a robust infrastructure in the southeast region, making it a hub for new companies and companies looking to relocate. Situated 30 miles from Atlanta, 

4. Peachtree Corners

Named the 19th best city in the United States to Raise a Family, Peachtree Corners is situated in Gwinnett County, Georgia. This is a planned community with Technology Park Atlanta that houses high-tech industries that benefit from the developers, engineers, and business graduates from Georgia Tech and the University of Georgia and other business schools and tech universities nearby. Amazon, Honeywell, Valmet, CarMax, CMD Group, Fleetcor, Siemens Industry Automation, and Sprint Corporation are among the 2,300 companies present here.

Market Overview

Software developments have been beneficial, from creating apps to improve efficiency and user convenience to monitoring health. Here are some of the latest trends in software development.

Low-code and No-code development

While the benefits of software development are numerous, the process is not easy. Coding is time-consuming and prolongs the timeline of a project. With the low-code or no-code development process, applications can be created quickly and more intuitive. As manual coding is eliminated, this advancement can enhance the development process and speed up the development of applications.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI is developing rapidly, with the maximum growth seen in the past few years. With subsets like machine learning, automation, natural language processing, and neural networks, the tech has made giant inroads. Chatbots using the tech have replaced human assistance and revolutionized customer service. Enhanced user experience and app usability are possible with AI, and the tech has minimized human input and reduced error frequency.

Human Augmentation

Human augmentation focuses on improving the human experience in the physical and cognitive aspects. Wearables used in manufacturing and mining sectors are good examples of human augmentation. Many industries have made microchips mandatory as they help improve daily productivity. A powered exoskeleton is another application of human augmentation. It is used by firefighters and factory workers dealing with heavy loads by helping in physical movements, sending signals, and offering back support.

Augmented reality

Augmented Reality (AR) is a trending tech in software development, as it can be used in all types of industries. Its use in eCommerce in the form of advertisements is a perfect example of its popularity. AR filters used in the fashion industry help provide virtual makeup and give a complete look or a totally new dimension.

Cloud-based technology

Cloud computing meets the needs of businesses in areas like availability, accessibility, and data recovery. Cloud data center services offer off-premise storage solutions that many businesses find economical and efficient. With cloud services, a business needs to pay only for the services they use. There are different options to choose from, such as cloud-based, cloud-enabled, and cloud-negative applications.

Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things (IoT) technology is now used in all spheres, enabling multiple benefits. From IoT-enabled vehicles and mobile devices to wearable sensors that help collect data, the technology is growing rapidly. The sector's current trend is combining innovations like Big Data and AI with IoT. The tech-enabled transformation in the healthcare industry is a fitting example. 

Over the past decade, Atlanta has emerged as a fast-growing technology hub, with Forbes Magazine naming the metro area one of the elite tech towns in the world. It is the third city poised to become a tech mecca in the future. The city is also dubbed as the ‘Silicon Valley of the South’ while it is included in the 25 leading high-tech metro areas in the United States by Cushman & Wakefield. Atlanta is also the 11th largest tech talent labor pool in the country and also has the highest growth rate of tech degree completion rations in the leading tech hubs in the country, as per a CBRE report in 2021.

Technical Expertise of Atlanta-based Developers

Top software development companies in Atlanta understand clients’ vision and provide a product with clean code that is functional and scalable. The companies can prioritize evolving requirements and efficiently collaborate with the client by using the latest technologies and frameworks. The top software development companies in Atlanta use technologies like JavaScript, CSS, and HTML and work on projects of varying complexity. Here are some of the popular technologies and frameworks they use in 2024.

Generative Artificial Intelligence

Generative AI is a technology that can generate text, sounds, images, animations, and other media types. ChatGPT, GitHub Copilot, Dall-E, and Google Bard are a few examples. The market is expected to reach $1.3 trillion by 2032.


Due to widespread digitalization, cybersecurity has gained prominence. Hackers and cyberattacks constantly change their tactics, techniques, and procedures, making it imperative to introduce stringent measures. Cybersecurity Ventures states the cybersecurity sector will have nearly 3.5 million unfilled jobs in 2025. The loss incurred due to cybersecurity breaches is expected to be $10.5 trillion by 2025.

Data Science and Analytics

For businesses managing huge amounts of data, it is important to focus on data science and analytics. The technology allows businesses to gain valuable insights and arrive at informed decisions. Data science helps perform extensive tasks like finding patterns in big datasets, training machine learning models, building AI applications, and structuring data. Data Analytics helps to query, interpret, and envisage datasets. 


Blockchain technology is the core support for cryptocurrencies and has intrinsic business value. The technology adds value to a business beyond the management of finances. Its application encompasses many aspects, like healthcare, insurance, supply chain management, e-commerce, and publishing.

Full-stack web development

Top software development companies in Atlanta use full-stack web development, as it can tackle front-end and back-end development of web apps. The technology provides a faster and more efficient way to develop webpages using technologies like HTML, JavaScript, HTML, Python, Ruby, PHP, etc.

Backend frameworks

Using a separate backend framework enables better scalability without affecting the functionality of the backend and frontend frameworks. Some of the popular frameworks used in backend development are:

  • Node.js. Top software development companies in Atlanta use Node.js to build entire applications in JavaScript. The framework can handle many simultaneous interactions with faster response time. 
  • Golang. Created by Google, Golang is used for building data-intensive and complicated apps. Companies like Google, Netflix, Uber, Twitch, and more use it.
  • Python. As a popular programming language, Python boasts many best data science and machine learning frameworks, like Tensorflow, Pandas, and Keras. Python supports backend frameworks like Flask and Django.

Frontend frameworks

Some of the popular and advanced frontend frameworks used by developers in top software development companies in Atlanta are:

  • React. React is a component-based front-end framework enabling the ability to adeptly build complicated and interactive user interfaces. Developed by Facebook, React boasts a vibrant community and regular updates.
  • Angular. Created by Google, Angular offers a comprehensive ecosystem for web app development. It has robust routing tools, efficient management tools, and more. This full-featured framework uses TypeScript for efficient tooling support and robust coding.
  • Vue.js. Vue.js is popular for its easy integration and simplicity. Developers can create a candid and flexible structure for web applications with Vue.js. Its ease of use makes it ideal for beginners and experienced developers.

Developers working for the top software development companies in Atlanta also use advanced and efficient content management systems like WordPress, Shopify, Magento, etc., and database development tools like SQL, Oracle, MySQL, NodeDB, and more. 

Many of Atlanta's best software development companies have high-profile clients who have benefited from the collaboration. ScienceSoft is an Atlanta-based software company that creates numerous software types. It has completed over 3000 projects and has eBay and Rakuten Viber as its past clients. Gobi is another top software development company in Atlanta, serving as a Microsoft consulting partner and managed services provider. It provides guidance and support for the adoption of different Microsoft technologies like Microsoft 365, Azure, and more.

Education and Talent Pool

Atlanta has an impressive tech workforce thanks to the support offered by the local colleges and universities. The education system in the city provides access to one of the country's best computer science and technology programs. The popular and reputed Universities here are

  1. Emory University
  2. Georgia Institute of Technology
  3. Georgia State University
  4. Gwinnett Technical College
  5. Kennesaw State University
  6. Morehouse College
  7. Spelman College
  8. University of Georgia

Additionally, the city and the state of Georgia have more than 40 tech business incubators, innovation centers, and accelerators. These include the following:

  • Atlanta Tech Village, which is a tech community of innovation and the fourth-largest tech space in the country, houses more than 300 startups. 
  • Atlanta Technology Development Center, based at Tech Square in Midtown, Atlanta, is a non-profit incubator that has nurtured over 190 tech companies.
  • Atlanta Tech Park is an accelerator ecosystem providing a collaborative workspace that helps promote growth.
  • Based in Tech Square in Midtown Atlanta, Georgia Tech Global Learning Center has a purpose-built meeting facility that is staffed and equipped for professional and learning-focused events.
  • Technology Association of Georgia helps in education, promotion, and unification of the tech community in the state.
  • The Center of Innovation for Information Technology functions as a vital hub for the tech community in the state to carry out collaborative research and grow globally.

Bootcamps offering software development courses in Atlanta are

  • Code Fellows
  • Codesmith Quick Facts
  • DigitalCrafts Quick Facts
  • Flatiron School
  • General Assembly
  • Georgia Tech Bootcamps
  • NuCamp
  • Tech Talent South
  • Thinkful
  • Software Guild

Software development and engineering form a robust industry sector in Atlanta, with companies creating state-of-the-art solutions that help the tech economy here. They also offer career opportunities that meet the growing need for IT professionals. The presence of numerous colleges, universities, and schools offering computer engineering programs has made the city a number one tech hub spot. Georgia boasts 85 accredited public and private universities and top public universities like the University of Georgia and Georgia Tech, resulting in diverse and strong tech talent here.

Salaries and Compensation

The average salary for software developers in Atlanta is $122,630. The Atlanta-Sandy Springs-Roswell region in Georgia has 41,920 software developers with an hourly wage of $58.96. While the wages are similar to those in the Dallas and Chicago regions, the salary is less than in Seattle, California, Los Angeles, and Boston regions.

Cost of Living in Atlanta

The cost of living in Atlanta is 2% higher than the national average. The average cost of living in Atlanta is $2771, which makes it part of the top 3% of the most expensive cities worldwide. It ranks 242nd in the United States and second in Georgia. However, when compared to cities like Los Angeles, New York City, San Diego, San Jose, and Chicago, it is less expensive. A high cost of living affects the project costs and salaries of the top software development companies in Atlanta. With high living costs, companies need to pay more for rentals, equipment, maintenance, and other related expenses.

Why Choose Atlanta for Software Development?

Atlanta is a leading tech hub in Georgia state and the United States due to many factors. The creation of Tech Square and the presence of schools and universities like Georgia Tech, Emory University, Georgia State University, and the HBCUs (Historically Black Colleges and Universities). As per the Harvard Business Review, Atlanta is a hotbed of talent from traditionally underrepresented communities. A CBRE report also reveals that Atlanta showed the highest growth rate among the tech hubs in the country between 2015 and 2019.


Top software development companies in Atlanta find the city a favorable spot as it is an established global leader in Information Technology service industries. With over 17,000 tech companies, it provides a conducive environment for businesses. The academic institutions and technology centers provide a diverse talent pool, and the presence of startups usher in plenty of job opportunities. Software development and engineers thrive well in the city, with companies creating innovative solutions that benefit the tech economy. With plenty of tech talent, businesses looking for top software development companies in Atlanta can easily find an appropriate match.