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Last updated: July 2024

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List of the Best Software Development Companies in San Diego


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Top software development companies in San Diego use the latest and sustainable technologies like cloud computing, DevOps, data science and analytics, the Internet of Things, robotic process automation, and more. They use advanced programming languages and frameworks like JavaScript, React, Angular, Python, MySQL, AWS, Azure, and more.

Choosing the best software development company in San Diego requires focusing on aspects like the company's experience and the expertise of its team of developers. Past projects, quick delivery, good communication, and safety and security of the software application are other factors that should be considered with care before deciding on the company.

A top software development company in San Diego can charge $110 per hour up to $385 per hour. The cost depends on the size of the project. For projects above $200,000, the average cost will be $700 or above per hour, while medium-range projects of value $1,000,000 or more can cost around $300 per hour. Small software companies with employees ranging from 10 to 100 may have charges ranging from $80 per hour up to $200 per hour.

Many tax incentives are available for startups looking to set up software businesses in San Diego. The Cal Competes Tax Credit, R+D Tax Credit, new employment credits, and other local municipalities' incentives help companies grow and flourish here. The City of San Diego Business Incentive Program focuses on companies looking to create jobs or retain jobs in the low to moderate-income areas of the city.

San Diego employs around 17,830 software developers with an annual mean salary of $146,580. The numbers are higher when compared to regions like Santa Barbara, Santa Maria, and Santa Rosa in California. However, the numbers are higher in the state's San Jose, Santa Clara, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Sunnyvale regions.

The time top software development companies in San Diego take to develop software is based on various factors like the type of design features needed, the complexity of the software, and the budget. For basic features, the time taken ranges from 3 to 5 months, while software with medium complexity requires 6 to 9 months for completion. For software with high complexity, 12 months or more is needed.

Top software development companies in San Diego provide support and maintenance after the product launch. They focus on providing regular updates, fixing bugs or errors in the application, and ensuring smooth and robust performance.

You can hire a top software development company in San Diego for a remote project. Since software development does not require the on-site presence of the developer team, using them for remote projects is feasible. Remote teams offer a flexible talent model that is advantageous to businesses.

BrilliantBiome, a microbiome precision medicine platform founded in 2020, has used Artificial Intelligence and machine learning to provide actionable info on improving gut health via a simple home test. The company credits the innovation ecosystem at the University of California San Diego for its success. Drive and Detours is a travel and tourism company providing self-guided driving and walking tours via its mobile app. 

The high cost of living in San Diego can impact many aspects of software development, from project budget to delivery time and performance. An affordable living cost helps in the efficient and effective completion of projects without worries about time delays or high expenses.

Buyer's guide

San Diego is increasingly becoming popular as a fast-growing tech hub in the country. The region is popular for its booming software development industry and the growing tech talent pool. No wonder it is the favored destination for top tech companies. San Diego is an ideal destination for business owners looking to expand or software development professionals in search of better job opportunities. 

Technological advancements drive business growth, and software development is key for ensuring businesses utilize the full extent of technology. Software development helps businesses stay competitive and helps them focus on customer satisfaction while remaining scalable. To grow and flourish, businesses need to adapt and innovate, for which software development plays a pivotal role. San Diego is rapidly becoming a hub for software development because of its favorable ecosystem. Here is more on San Diego's tech scene and the top software development companies in San Diego.

Major Software Development Hubs in San Diego 

While cities like Silicon Valley, Austin, and NYC have been popular destinations for software developers, San Diego, until a few years back, was famed for its preference for life sciences. Since 2020, the San Diego IT sector has seen remarkable growth that eclipses other cities, making it the fourth tech capital of the country. Some of the leading tech hubs in San Diego are:

Sorrento Mesa

As per CBRE, Sorrento Mesa, a submarket of San Diego, ranks fourth among Tech-30 Submarkets in office-rent growth. The reasons include its proximity to the University of California, which has a low vacancy rate of 9.8 percent. 

Due to the region's high demand for life sciences, many office spaces have turned into research and development spaces. Major companies include Qualcomm, Dexcom, T-Mobile, Texas Instruments, NuVasive, Novatel Wireless, Fujitsu, and the Active Network.

University Town Center

The University Town Center area of San Diego is a hub for high-tech, biotech, and telecom industries. It attracts innovators and advanced research facilities. Its proximity to UCSD, Scripps Research, Birch Aquarium, and the Salk Institute for Biological Studies makes it popular. It has a favorable business climate and offers advanced convention settings and sophisticated hotels besides the Torrey Pines State Reserve and the Torrey Pines Golf Course for team-building exercises and relaxation. Notable companies here include Tealium, AbacusNext, Housecall Pro, Wrike, and Fairway Technologies. Amazon has signed a lease for a 123,000-square-foot space at the University Town Center, providing jobs for 1000 tech and corporate employees.

Rancho Bernardo

Rancho Bernardo is a quiet suburb in San Diego that attracts companies from all sectors, including tech, defense, life sciences, and more. Its proximity to growing suburbs such as Poway makes it ideal for companies looking for shorter commutes. Teradata is a software and data analytics company based here. Located on Interstate 15 in the San Pasqual Valley, Rancho Bernardo is home to companies like Microsoft, Hewlett-Packard, Sony Electronics, Microsoft, and more. The region is also called Edge City due to its concentration of business, shopping centers, and entertainment outside the downtown San Diego region. 

Market Overview

Software development has become an integral part of every aspect of society. The sector is used everywhere, from creating apps focused on various sectors, including healthcare, retail, etc., to ensuring exemplary customer experience. Despite its omnipresent nature, the industry is an ever-evolving one. Some of the current trends in the industry that top software development companies in San Diego follow to keep up with the evolving tech scene.

Low-code and No-code development

Using low-code and no-code technology has helped reduce the complexity of creating software. It also limits the expenses and ensures a faster development process. With no-code development, users can use pre-made code blocks to create an interface. 

In low-code development, some technical expertise is needed, but many shortcuts ensure quicker software creation. Top software development companies in San Diego using these platforms see a positive ROI. 

Cloud computing

The remote work scenario triggered by the pandemic has resulted in the rapid growth and adoption of cloud computing. Cloud technology helped businesses expand their remote work skills and meet the huge change in IT needs worldwide. 

Businesses using cloud computing were able to downscale and withstand the negative impact of the pandemic. Amazon holds a 32% market share in cloud infrastructure services and has proposed free cloud computing training to 29 million people worldwide in the five years spanning from 2020 to 2024.


As the use of software increases in businesses, so does the threat of ransomware and hacking. Cybersecurity is thus a prime concern for businesses, and they are looking to spend a major chunk of their capital on cybersecurity. Businesses that fully deploy security automation can save large capital spent on handling data breaches. Cyber insurance has become vital to business security measures, with cyber policies increasing to 60% from 2016 to 2019.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence tools are being increasingly adopted by businesses to enhance productivity and performance in their workforce and industry. As per the annual McKinsey Global Survey, one-third of the respondents in a survey stated that their organization was using AI regularly. One-quarter of the surveyed company respondents mentioned using AI for work, and 40% stated that their company would increase its AI investment in the future.

IoT (Internet of Things)

IoT devices are set to increase in use, with over 65 billion IoT devices expected to be in use in 2025, which is six times more than the number in 2018. Statista says the global smart speaker value is expected to grow over 35.5 billion USD by 2025. Wearables and sensors are of immense use in the healthcare industry as they help in proactive medical treatment and better care. The IoT chip developed by Bayer is inexpensive but has immense use cases. It can be attached to any product to track it from the warehouse to the customer. 

The software industry in San Diego is a thriving one, with more than 3,600 tech companies and 80 research institutions. The University of California, San Diego, the San Diego State University, other universities, and research institutes provide the industry with innovative technologies that drive product development and company growth.

 Further, the region has a talented labor force that helps it grow into an innovative market. In 2019, San Diego showed a three-year growth of 188%. The top software development companies in San Diego are supported by the huge software talent in the region, which ranks seventh in the country. 

One in six innovation economy jobs in San Diego are in software development. The region has 24 incubators and accelerator programs, making it a favored destination for startups. One of the notable startups featured in the 2019 Inc.5000 is Amenity Health, a non-pharmacological treatment startup. Koia is a protein drink maker, and Sand Cloud is an eco-friendly beach towel startup.

Technical Expertise of San Diego-based Developers

Software developers and top software development companies in San Diego use advanced technologies, including programming languages, frameworks, databases, cloud computing platforms, and libraries. Here are some of the popular technologies they use in 2024


Despite the presence of many newer programming languages, JavaScript remains the most used language for front-end development. Its interoperability and compatibility with modern browsers make it popular. With this language, developers can use animated graphics, visual effects, buttons, and more.


Python is a popular choice by developers due to its use in data analysis, web development, automation, prototyping, and visualization. It is beginner-friendly and open-source, enabling easy customization.


Since its inception in 1993, PHP has been the go-to language for creating server-side scripts. Its simple syntax and plentiful learning resources make it a beginner-friendly language.


React is popular for its efficient and flexible design. It is used for creating user interfaces. The components are reusable and self-contained, enabling easy updating and maintenance. It helps in single-page web apps.


The angular framework is open source and ideal for creating dynamic web apps. It is used for creating complex web apps.


As a widely used open-source database, MySQL is known for its reliability, speed, and user-friendliness. It helps create websites, customer relationship management (CRM) systems, e-commerce platforms, and more. 


Ideal for managing large amounts of unstructured data, MongoDB is used for apps that need high performance and scalability. It is used in social media platforms, big data apps, and real-time analytics.

Cloud computing

Cloud computing enables software developers to create and scale applications easily. AWS (Amazon Web Services) is a leading cloud computing service offering many services. Microsoft Azure is another cloud platform that helps to build, deploy, and manage applications. Google Cloud Platform is another popular cloud computing solution used by top software development companies in San Diego.

Case studies showcasing successful software projects

Many top software development companies in San Diego have flourished in the vibrant business environment offered by the city. INTegrity is one such company that focuses on clients in the San Diego region, like Ferrara Winery and the San Diego Dermatological Society. Small World is another international tech company that has been offering software development services since 2015. Its clients include Fitness One, Simply Made Local, and Homelytics.

Education and Talent Pool

Many public and private colleges near San Diego, California, offer software development courses. They include the following:

  • San Diego State University
  • University of California-San Diego
  • San Diego Mesa College
  • Franklin University
  • University of San Diego
  • Northcentral University
  • Ashford University
  • Point Loma Nazarene University

Besides the above colleges, Grossmont College, Southwestern College, and San Diego Miramar College offer 2-year computer science degrees. Some software development boot camps in San Diego are

  • University of San Diego Tech boot camps
  • National University Bootcamp
  • Nucamp web development and full stack development boot camp
  • Thinkful
  • Kenzie Academy
  • Springboard
  • General Assembly 
  • Fullstack Academy
  • Redwood Code Academy
  • San Diego State University Digital Skills

San Diego region in California has around 17,380 software developers with an annual mean wage of $146,580. As per the San Diego Regional Economic Development Corporation, one in six innovation economy jobs in San Diego are in software development. 

The region has created successful clusters in health IT, cybersecurity, Data analytics, bioinformatics, gaming, software as a service, and telecommunications. The tech companies in San Diego have the seventh most proficient software developers in the country.

Salaries and Compensation

As per the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average salary of software developers in San Diego is $146,580. Top software development companies in San Diego offer salaries based on the developer's experience. For developers with less than one year of experience, $113,924 is the average salary. It increases to $153,300 or more with more than ten years of experience. 

Compared to other tech hubs in California, a software developer's salary here is less. The average salary for software developers in Menlo Park is $163,393, $157,853 in San Francisco, $155,452 in Mountain View, and $152,366 in the Palo Alto region. When compared to the annual salaries of software developers in other regions of the country, Boulder, CO, has an annual mean salary of $169,750 and Seattle-Tacoma-Bellevue, WA, has an annual mean salary of $155,680.

Cost of Living in San Diego

The cost of living in San Diego is 44% higher than the national average. Factors like average salary, job, real estate prices, and more influence the cost of living. Housing costs are 123% more than the national average, while transportation is 32% higher, groceries 12%, and utilities 13% higher than the national average. Healthcare costs are 4% more than the national average.

In the list of most expensive places to live by the United States News and World Report, San Diego is a frontrunner for 2023-2024. The list is assessed using criteria like the gross rent and annual housing cost for people with mortgages. 

From the list, it is clear that living in San Diego is expensive, and a resident in the region should have substantial wealth to live comfortably. Home prices are higher than the national median sale price, and further, residents have to pay homeowners' association fees for the maintenance of housing complexes. San Diego leads the list of the costliest cities in the country, followed by Los Angeles, Honolulu, and Miami.

With a high cost of living, top software development companies in San Diego will have to contend with spending more on salaries, office space, project costs, and more. The reduced affordability directly impacts the cost, performance, and timely delivery of a project. 

Why Choose San Diego for Software Development?

San Diego is a haven for tech startups as it offers many advantages like tech talent, expertise, and innovation. Home to many incubators, investors, and accelerators, the city has a steady flow of investment flowing via its startups. While the cost of living here is high, it is not as expensive as in New York. 

As per a Bloomberg report, San Diego ranks sixth in the best city for startups. Along with cities like Denver, Dallas, and Atlanta, San Diego also has amassed high investment flows. Together with Los Angeles, San Diego accounts for $34 billion in venture capital investment. The city ranks third in the list of best cities for pre-IPO startups. 

The family-friendly atmosphere, amazing weather, and cost of living favor software developers and top software development companies in San Diego. Some of the major reasons for the city being popular among software development companies are its:

  • Strong economy
  • Great government incentives
  • Big-scale startup events

San Diego has 24 incubators and accelerator programs, and the Hera Venture Summit, UCSD Ignite, and San Diego Angel Conference are events that offer support to startups. Further, the Economic Development Department of San Diego helps businesses with project advocacy, faster permit review, and cost reimbursement. Educational and research institutions like the University of California, San Diego, and the University of San Diego provide highly skilled talent for startups.


Traditional tech hubs are no longer a big attraction to businesses and investors due to the rising living costs and access to tech talent. Top software development companies in San Diego prefer the region due to its favorable startup ecosystem. 

The Mediterranean climate, expanding venture capital environment, and diversified population are the main reasons for San Diego to become a desired destination for software development companies in 2024. 

In the past few years, the region has attracted many big-name investors like ClickUp and Rising Tide Partners due to its rising tech talent, flourishing universities and research institutions, and robust innovation ecosystem. The emerging consumer and software market, a well-established tech environment, and the region's economic diversity attract startups looking to establish their business here. 

San Diego also provides easy access to major markets and the benefits of the West Coast while being affordable to businesses when compared to major cities. With so many advantages, it is unsurprising to see many tech companies, including top software development companies in San Diego.