The Tech industry is far from reaching a plateau in its development. It continues to grow steadily, making the tech labor market flourish with new tech jobs and open positions.

CompTIA (the Computer Technology Industry Association) found out that the tech jobs growth rate is projected to go over the national jobs rate nearly twice in the following decade. Compare the statistics. During May of 2021 the U.S. employers made approximately 350,00 tech job postings, and in May 2022 the number grew to approximately 600,000 postings. 

Source: EMSI-Burning Glass Technologies Labor Insights | Data in thousands

Tech jobs demand in 2022 focuses on managerial jobs in the tech industry (IT managers, coordinators, product managers, etc.). Red Jumpers – partner agency for IT companies,  –  organized open-source data in a structured overview for you to keep abreast of the latest changes in the labor market.

Most In-Demand Tech Jobs & Average Salary In the U.S.

Technology disrupts everything: our personal lives, how we do business and plan our careers. The latest massive tech spike happened when the Coronavirus pandemic hit our planet. Since then, each industry started to adopt digital adoption. As a result, the demand for the tech workforce increased. 

Factors driving the tech labor market include: 

  • the need to keep up with technological progress,
  • COVID-19 forced many businesses to start a digital transformation,
  • the upcoming wave of retirement in 2030. 

Software engineers, data scientists, AI and ML specialists, security engineers, and other tech experts have become team players in almost every company. Let’s see what specialists are needed in 2022, their wages, and future perspectives. 

IT Manager

IT manager, or Computer and information system manager, takes care of implementing information systems for businesses. IT manager's skill set includes technical and managerial competencies such as programming, cyber security, networks and databases, leadership, analytical skills, and critical thinking. 

Median Annual Salary (USA)

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) states that in May of 2021 median annual salary of IT managers was USD 159,010, with fluctuations from USD 95,220 to USD 208,000.


Job Outlook for 2022-2030

According to BLS, the demand for IT managers for the next 8 years is projected to grow by 11%. Businesses are actively integrating digital platforms, so they need IT managers to boost their operations and deal with cyber security policies. 

The number of IT managers employed in 2020 was 482,000. A recent spike in job openings indicates the possible increase in employment up to 534,600 by the end of 2030. 

What do IT managers do?

IT managers typically have a bachelor's degree, and their competencies allow them to perform such duties as: 

  • planning and organizing computer system implementation and updates,
  • suggesting changes to the IT workforce and management strategies related to technology, 
  • ensure computer systems security, 
  • project assessment (cost, outcomes, budget). 
  • managing IT staff (task assignment, work results validation, etc.)

Machine Learning Engineer 

Machine learning engineers work with algorithms and datasets to recreate the way humans process and learn information within a computer program. Machine learning is used in image recognition, search engines, spam detectors, personalized product recommendation, etc.  

Median Annual Salary (USA)

The median pay of a Machine Learning engineer comprised USD 131,490 per year in 2021, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. The Indeed portal estimates that the average annual income of a machine learning engineer is USD 120,311 per year as of June 2022. The salaries can vary from USD 118,523 to USD 335,019 annually.


Job Outlook for 2022-2030

Indeed considered Machine learning engineer a job #1 in 2019 based on the percentage of postings that included ‘artificial intelligence’ or ‘machine learning’ in the job description. The demand for ML engineers continues to grow due to the rapid development of technology. Businesses require more effective tech solutions and advanced security that can be provided with the help of machine learning.  

The BLS predicts approximately 3,200 job openings for ML specialists yearly over the decade. Employment is expected to grow by 22% by the end of 2030. 

What do Machine Learning Engineers do? 

Machine learning engineers' hard skills include data science and algorithms, artificial intelligence, deep learning, math and statistics, programming, and system design. Besides, hey should be great communicators and have strong organizational skills to perform their day-to-day duties that include: 

  • solving computing challenges together with data scientists and programmers,
  • conducting research and transforming data into ML tools, 
  • designing new computing systems and algorithms,
  • testing and analyzing the results of their work.

DevOps Engineer

DevOps engineer is a medium between software development, testing, and maintenance that ensures all the operations go smoothly and effectively. DevOps expert has extensive knowledge of software development lifecycle, engineering tools, and development methodologies.

Median Annual Salary (USA)

Entry-level DevOps engineers' salary comprises USD 119,312 annually, according to Glassdoor. Experienced engineers can make up to USD 175 thousand. Payscale estimates the median annual salary for DevOps in USD 99,000 with the range of USD 67,000 - 143,000 per year. 


Job Outlook for 2022-2030

Although the BLS doesn’t provide direct statistics for DevOps engineers, projected employment growth for similar tech jobs (software developers, quality assurance, and testers) looks promising. Approximately 190,000 job openings for software developers, quality assurance analysts, and testers are expected over the decade, while employment will grow by 22%. 

What do DevOps engineers do? 

DevOps engineer responsibilities go around process automation in software development. DevOps engineers handle the following tasks:

  • analyzing and improving development tools and strategies, 
  • coding, installing, maintaining IT solutions,
  • projects planning, 
  • testing software to minimize errors, 
  • improving team performance, etc. 

Computer Network Architect

Computer network architects create and manage data communication networks such as intranets, LANs, WANs, and cloud infrastructures. Along with tech skills such as operating systems and programming languages, computer network architects should have over 5 years of experience in related fields and deep knowledge of an organization's business plan to build efficient network systems. 

Median Annual Salary (USA)

In 2021 median annual salary of computer network architects was USD 120,520 with the range of approximately USD 63,000 - 169,000. Indeed reports the average yearly wage is a little higher and comprises USD 132,565


Job Outlook for 2022-2030

The top industries that hire computer network architects include telecommunication and IT support services. For the next 8 years, employment will increase by 5%. The demand for computer network architects will increase in big corporations, especially in the healthcare industry. While small companies will switch to more affordable IT support services.

What do computer network architects do?

Developing, testing and updating communication between computer systems require good management skills, creative thinking, and deep analytical skills. Computer network architect duties include: 

  • developing data communication systems structure, 
  • providing data security,
  • analyzing network performance,
  • updating software and hardware to maintain networks, 
  • implementing new technologies to increase network efficiency.

Software Engineer

Software engineers apply engineering principles to software development, understand software development lifecycles and can improve core processes in it. 

Median Annual Salary (USA)

According to Glassdoor, the median annual salary of a software engineer is about USD 116,000. The wage range comprises USD 67,000 to USD 166,000.


Medial annual software engineers’ salaries in top companies reach: 

  • Google – USD 150,000.
  • Meta – USD 168,000.
  • Microsoft – USD 123,000.

Job Outlook for 2022-2030

The need for advanced applications and more efficient software will create approximately 190,00 openings for common software development roles. Employment growth is expected to reach 22% at the end of 2030. 

What do software engineers do?

Software engineers usually know several programming languages and development tools and have strong analytical and problem-solving skills. The duties of a software engineer include:

  • software design and development,
  • analyzing system risks and reliability,
  • ensuring software complies with industry standards,
  • providing software maintenance and integration,
  • project management, 
  • creating technical documentation. 

Software Developer

A software developer builds functional computer programs for users to perform a specific task. Software developers create a piece of software that represents a specific feature. 

Median Annual Salary (USA)

Software developers' medical annual salary is USD 74,000, according to PayScale. Wherein the lowest 10% earn USD 52,000 and the highest 10% make USD 108,000. 


Job Outlook for 2022-2030

Demand for software developers is going to rise high during the decade. The BLS predicts 22% employment growth for software developers and related jobs. Remote work adoption during the pandemic made businesses more flexible in hiring talent from any country. Companies begin to use outsourcing models to reduce costs and find narrow specialists for their projects.

Grand View Research study reveals the global IT services market was valued at USD 777 billion in 2021. A significant share of this market belongs to outsourcing services (USD 520 billion as of 2019). As for specific skills, Python and Java remain the most in-demand programming languages, along with JavaScript, PHP, TypeScript, and others. 

What do software developers do? 

Software developers are creative minds that learn the end user’s needs and behavior patterns to build software applications with clear interfaces and useful features. The list of software developers’ responsibilities includes but isn’t limited to: 

  • understanding business goals to make a software that meets business needs,
  • building applications with the end-user in mind, 
  • writing code and assessing its quality,
  • suggesting improvements to the application structure, etc.,
  • improving app performance and preparing updates. 

Product Manager

A product manager (PM) is a bridge between the business and the development team whose task is to communicate business objectives to developers and explain the development process to the executives to make the end product demanded, stable, and profitable. 

Median Annual Salary (USA)

The average annual salary of product managers in the U.S. is estimated at USD 113,000, according to Glassdoor. The pay can range from USD 85,000 to USD 165,000, depending on the skills and experience of a specialist. Indeed, an employment web resource reports that the product manager’s median annual salary is USD 102,400


Job Outlook for 2022-2030

Product schools engaged 5,000 product managers in the survey and presented insightful information in The Future of Product Management report. According to the report, product managers are in high demand. 43% of companies are willing to hire more PMs. As of this writing, LinkedIn had almost 250,00 job openings for product managers in the U.S.   

What do product managers do? 

Product managers analyze and outline key customers' needs. PMs' task is to ensure that a product brings value and stands out from the competitors. The role also implies a lot of communications with various departments across the company, including the C-suite, developers, marketers, etc. Common PMs duties are the following: 

  • bringing products to the market,
  • understanding the market and customers' needs,
  • establishing product quality standards,
  • prioritizing product features, 
  • participating in product line development, 
  • ensuring communication among teams, etc.

How to Attract Top Tech Talents

Talent management has become a challenge for IT talent sourcers. The increasing number of IT specialists on the market made the hunting process longer and harder. Moreover, the great resignation resulted in a talent shortage. Attracting and retaining top talent has become a priority for employers. 

The best way to increase employees' loyalty is to understand their needs at the workplace and implement solutions to fulfill those needs. Citrix showed the results of opinion research based on the answers of 2,000 workers. The results of the study represent employees’ demands for the workplace:

  • 86% of employees highlighted diverse workforce importance,
  • 83% of employees believe people will move to live outside the cities if they have remote work opportunities, 
  • 82% of employees think upskilling and reskilling are paramount to staying competitive, 
  • 88% of employees pay attention to agile learning perks when searching for a new job. 

So, what a modern workplace should be so that professionals are interested in investing their energies in the work and development of the company? Here are a few tips that you might find useful: 

  • Establish a company's culture that matters. People should see that their needs are understood, whether it’s a need for flexible hours, DE&I, or providing opportunities to learn and develop a career and don't forget to reward and recognize your employees
  • Work on your company’s reputation. Job seekers nowadays google former and current employees’ reviews before applying. Before direct communication with a candidate, the companies must make a good impression.
  • Provide career progression. Implement professional development strategies, and make upskilling accessible for your employees to improve their skills and bring more value to your company. 

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Marketing Specialist
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2022 Labor Market Outlook: The Most In-Demand Tech Jobs