The role of product design in the process of building a digital creation is increasing at an astonishing pace. Modern startups need to react efficiently and fast to what is happening on the market in order to succeed. Ascertain matters come up, businesses need more people. Let’s face it, collecting the right team members in a short period can be a daunting task. That is why outsourcing becomes an integral part of digital product design and development.

Undoubtedly having an in-house team is not always an option as it’s cost-consuming; it also takes a lot of time to find suitable candidates for given positions. As this aspect often gets problematic, the market has found a solution to the growing demand for this type of service – this is how product design and development agencies have been brought into existence. Hiring an external product design team has more benefits than you could’ve thought of! Here are the top 7 reasons why you should consider it.

1. The combo of knowledge & experience

One of the greatest benefits of establishing contact with a product design agency is gaining access to their expertise and experience that has probably been collected during many challenging projects in the industry. 

A well-versed product design company will know what works and sells and what does not. Even if you already have an in-house team, you might want to contact some external product design partners to gain their unbiased assessment of your idea. This step is crucial during the creation process, who knows, maybe during one of the sessions you will stumble upon a completely new solution or gain deeper insight stemming from brainstorming sessions with some professionals.

2. It’s more profitable

Real product design agencies know where to invest their clients’ money and where to put more of it in order to succeed. You might be struggling with budget estimations and financial strategies to make ends meet. This problem might fade into oblivion once you start your cooperation with a product design agency.

As a newbie in the industry, you get overwhelmed with the number of pitfalls that can occur during the product design process. Unpleasant surprises are usually related to hidden costs that lurk around the corner. Working with an experienced product design team will allow you to worry less about those and focus on what really matters – the results.

3. It saves time and resources

Hiring an external product design team will definitely give you time. I cannot express how much time finding, recruiting and onboarding a good candidate takes and how costly it can get. You might want to consider outsourcing, especially for short-term projects as creating a team just for a one-time deal might be pointless.

Additionally, the more people are on board, the neater the process can be. As you have hired the team that builds your digital product, your employees can undertake other actions to make the product shine even more.

4. Your full focus on the results

Hiring an external product design team can be a wonderfully comfortable solution. All you have to do is delegate all the processes to the professionals and set the frequency of contacting them. It depends on your preferences, the product design strategy and the project size. You might still want to supervise it a little from time to time to make sure all the steps are realized according to your vision.

5. Access to consultancy services

Cooperation with each agency leads to meetings, which means vivid conversations about the digital product creation process. As you have the chance to speak with real professionals, you can have a compelling conversation that will dispel some of your doubts or even plant some new ideas in your head. 

Don’t hesitate to ask the contact people about various aspects that revolve around the product. The team is there for you so you should be able to use their knowledge and arrive at some compelling conclusions. 

6. Taskforce for special occasions

Imagine your company with a regular and stable workflow. Everyone has their tasks assigned and works hard to complete them. Suddenly, an unpleasant surprise occurs and the intervention of some of your employees is demanded. What is a better solution – ask your already working teammates to leave everything and rush into that matter or rather look for an external professional to fix it so your team stays on top of the already existing projects? The second option might be the right one.

A product design agency can be like a functional external department that you can parachute into your business to solve an immediate problem without taking anyone’s focus away from other important ventures.

7. Be in the know of the current trends

Hiring a dedicated agency to have your back means having a team of real professionals who stay up-to-date with the latest design, marketing and tech trends. Let’s be frank, the competition on the market is huge and the last thing you want is to stay outdated. That is why cooperation with such experts will help you unleash your brand’s potential and make it outstanding. 

Summing Up

The number of positive aspects of hiring a product design agency can be endless. 

Cooperation with real specialists can prominently influence the product’s success and definitely unlock your idea’s potential. 

Monika Krupa
Digital marketing expert at The Codest
The Codest
Monika Krupa is a digital marketing expert working in one of the reputed custom software development companies. She is truly passionate about content creation, IT trends, modern technologies, and SEO

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7 Reasons Why a Product Design Agency Can Significantly Improve Your Business