Today, more than ever, businesses and startups increasingly succeed thanks to the software products they have. To repeat the success and launch a project, you just need programmers with expertise sufficient to automate processes in your business domain.

There are hundreds of companies in the market that provide software development services. In this article, I'll explain how to choose the right company and when to outsource development services to achieve your business goal.

Why outsource software development?

Any customer has a goal. Even if he or she cannot formulate it right away, this doesn't mean it doesn't exist. Every business has its own purposes, and so do startups.

Businesses usually aim to reduce costs, increase productivity and sales, or modernize the existing software. Startups need to launch a product as quickly as possible and scale it after the fundraising stage.

Achieving the goals requires an experienced software developers team that has a deep understanding of the client's field of activity.

It's good to have an experienced in-house developers team. If not, then it's better to be prepared for recruiting that can take from two weeks to several months. Don't forget that the product launch doesn't always go after hiring. Keep in mind that sometimes you'll need to spend the same amount of time on its training. If you are not ready for time- and cost-consuming hiring and training, then an outsourcing software development is the solution.

Tips to Know When Choosing an Outsourcing Company

1. Read Company Reviews on Trust Platforms

First of all, check for recommendations. Go to websites as Techreviewer, where unbiased and verified clients' reviews would help you to form the impression of the company. Remember that people are very enthusiastic about leaving negative reviews, so if you find over 10 positive reviews about a company, feel free to contact them.

2. Pay Attention to the Company's Portfolio

Before making contact with one of these companies, you might take a look at the company's portfolio for the cases from the desired business domain or technologies and assess their level of expertise. That’s how you can understand if the team has enough experience to complete your project. As soon as you find the relevant case study or even several cases, go to the next step.

3. Rate the Quality of the Company's Website

You can learn about a company's quality standards by researching its online presence. Analyze the company's accounts on social networks, pay attention to the website’s design, and the quality of the published content. Your future outsourcing partner's website design should be modern. If a company ignores the latest trends, then it is unlikely that they will be able to build an app that will wow every user.

4. Email Response Time Does Matter

How quickly the company responds to a customer is another factor that should be considered when looking for an outsourcing web development company. A response in the first 24 hours is fast enough for the software development industry. And here is the reason why: when the customer submits a request with at least the minimum requirements for the future application, the sales manager will prepare additional questions about your unique app idea and include relevant case studies if the company's portfolio is quite extensive. Getting a thoughtful reply in 24 hours means you most likely addressed your problem to the right company.

5. Make Sure Communication is Effective

Focus on your vendor that will do its best to exchange information between sides most conveniently. It's even better to pay attention to the company that provides your project with the project manager. Usually, it is a person with a high level of communication skills and expertise in different business domains, which may also significantly affect the result. A project manager plays a huge role in your future project success. Otherwise, it is better to look for another company.

6. Ask for Previous Clients' Contacts

Every outsourcing company that has been around for a while has previous clients. Ask their contacts to talk with them directly in case you still cannot make your mind. A short interview will help you learn more about working with the future development team. If past clients are happy with working with your future team, then you are in good hands.

7. Check Company’s Readiness for Long-lasting Support

Lots of contractors are more enthusiastic about the development than about the supporting phase. Nevertheless, for you, as a customer, a reliable, stable after-sale support really matters. So, take into consideration firms that provide full-cycle software development, including QA testing, migration services, and after-sale support.


Every tip above does not guarantee you will make the right choice. Still, hopefully, this article will make it clear what to pay attention to when outsourcing software development to an external team. Before you can decide whether the vendor worths your attention or not, check reviews, the portfolio, and business domains it is focused on.

Victoria Stanishevskaya
Marketing Manager
XB Software
Victoria is a marketing manager at XB Software a custom software development company founded in 2008. The company counts 150+ professional software engineers, testers, designers, and business analysts with great expertise in comprehensive software product development, UI/UX design, and IT services.

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7 Tips on How to Choose Outsourcing Software Development Company