Have you made the decision of taking your business online? If yes, we understand that you are looking for an eCommerce web development platform. It is no surprise that the eCommerce industry is booming and is expected to even rise more in the coming year of 2021.

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Witnessing this growth, here is the list of eight leading eCommerce web development platforms that you should check out in 2021. 

Before we start listing these platforms that are widely used by eCommerce web developers, let’s discuss what these platforms are all about. 

Using an eCommerce platform allows you to smoothly and conveniently manage the entire online retail business. Right from building an eCommerce website, organizing the customer data, managing the orders & inventory to promoting the products & activities, these platforms aid web developers in everything. 

eCommerce web platforms

Now that you know how important these platforms are, let’s discuss what platforms are out there that every eCommerce web development company is working on these days. 



The first name that every eCommerce web developer has heard about is Shopify. Besides being the prominent player among all the eCommerce developers, this platform is the one that is being used by big online retail brands. The reason why it has become such a big thing is that it is very flexible and is quite handy. With this platform, you can deploy the back-end of any kind of eCommerce website not easily but also quickly because of the multiple built-in features it has. If you are stuck in any work, there are always support resources to help you out. 

What features? 

  • Customized domain option.
  • Unlimited product listing 
  • Real-time sale statistics
  • Personalization option 
  • Inventory management
  • 70+ themes available

Price: Well, the final price depends on the selected option. Trial available. Range starting from $2000 per month. 


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Another big name that pops up when it comes to eCommerce web platforms is - Magento. This is a platform that is renowned among eCommerce developers for its huge library of over 5000+ extensions. Although it is a new player in eCommerce development still it being cloud-based solutions have gained huge popularity among eCommerce web development companies across the world. One of the open-source eCommerce platforms that are best for all small to medium businesses. 

Some major reasons why eCommerce website developers prefer Magento these days are:

  • Its mobile-optimized shopping feature
  • Easy Catalog management feature 
  • Global selling availability 
  • Easy & direct purchase option
  • Site search feature 

Price: $15,000-$50,000 annually- Magneto Commerce



WooCommerce - open source eCommerce web development platform is one of the products that is owned by the famous WordPress. WordPress being a trusted brand among the website development platform has also aided in the success of WooCommerce. Although it is being used by many retail stores online, still it is best for small retail businesses with a tight budget. There are 1000+ plugins and themes that make this platform flexible and allow an eCommerce developer to play around with customization. One of the best platforms that run on 30% of all stones online.

Some noteworthy features 

  • Excellent product review feature
  • Supports Geo-Location 
  • Discount & Voucher feature 
  • Catalog management 
  • SEO optimization 
  • Mobile-friendly 
  • Easy & efficient inventory management
  • Mobile optimized shopping
  • Best product reviews

Price: Free to download



Whenever one talks about an eCommerce development platform, OpenCart always comes on top. This is one of the powerful eCommerce platforms that is renowned for being a complete package. Using this platform, you can work on everything from creation, the operation to scaling and promoting the eCommerce business. Along with this, the platform also offers 1000+ plug-ins to ease the job of developers. 

Some amazing features you must know about:

  • Easy & Efficient customization 
  • Product Review and rating features make it even more alluring to eCommerce web development companies. 
  • Avails multiple currency payment options.



Are you looking for Well known eCommerce development platforms? If yes, BigCommerce is top of the list. If you want to boom your business, this platform has tons of features that will bring popularity and success to your eCommerce business. What are you waiting for? It’s time to deploy an eCommerce website to manage your retail business now! All the features are out of the box and have different pricing structures depending on the platforms you want to develop.

Best Website Building Features:

  • Helps in page building
  • Multi-currency sales
  • Provides gift cards
  • Unlimited file storage
  • Product listings
  • Top ratings and reviews
  • Proper reporting
  • Helps in page builder
  • 2 free themes and 200+ paid themes

Price. There are 4 options available: 

  1. BigCommerce Standard ($29.95/month)
  2. BigCommerce Plus ($79.95/month)
  3. BigCommerce Pro ($299.95/month)
  4. BigCommerce Enterprise (only on request)



If you are searching for a robust eCommerce platform, SalesForce is the best choice to run and manage all your online retail business easily. Want to target b2b or b2c companies, salesforce development helps in product targeting and sales integrating. This platform will give you each and every feature to run your online business smoothly and efficiently. Salesforce is one of the leading platforms that helps in all ways.

Best Features of Salesforce Commerce include

  • Community development
  • Best customer services
  • App exchange
  • Easy workflows
  • Better marketing



Coming up next on the list is the New-York based SaaS company. This is the company that provides both website and eCommerce development platforms to customers. They have created an easy drag & drop features for the users. There are many features that help this platform stand out among others. 

Features you must know about: 

  • Auto-recovery feature 
  • Personalization option for the products 
  • Integrated SEO tools 
  • Upselling & Cross-selling feature 
  • Automatic discounts availability 
  • Easy Import & Export features 

Price. There are 4 options available depending upon the requirements:

  1. Personal ($16 per month)
  2. Business ($26 per month)
  3. Basic Commerce ($30 per month)
  4. Advanced Commerce ($46 per month)

Although, it is best if you consult Ficode, the renowned eCommerce web development agency to avoid this subscription cost and get a professional website. 



Wix is an enterprise-level eCommerce platform that is very easy to handle. It allows you to create online tools by using the tools. With an exciting range of themes and templates, you can make a compelling and functional website. It can easily fulfill your basic needs. It helps you to create, operate and scale your online business. Get the exciting plug-in feature to make your business highly customizable and get multiple product reviews and ratings.

Site Building Features:

  • User friendly
  • A large section of templates
  • Better community forums
  • Social media supporters
  • Options for shipping
  • Mobile optimization facility
  • Inventory management
  • Better shipping options
  • Different discount and coupons

Price: starts from $17 to $500 per month depending upon the pack you want.


Well, every business has its own requirements depending on the retail work and it's hard to find propriate eCommerce development company. To make it easy for you, there is the list of the best eCommerce web developers that will take your online retail business to the next level. It’s time to examine your needs closely and choose a perfect platform to lift your company to new heights. Depending on the manpower and budget, these platforms will work best for each kind of business. 

Pankaj Kaundal
Sr. Digital Marketing Executive
Sr Digital Marketing Executives at Ficode Technologies Limited

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8 eCommerce Web Development Platforms in 2021