All things are created twice; first mentally, then physically. The key to creativity is to begin with the end in mind, with a vision and a blueprint of the desired result." – Stephen Covey

Are businesses losing clients due to project failure? Whether it is a picture designing service or an e-commerce site, not finishing projects before the deadline can cost you expensively. One of the key reasons for the failure of projects is bad project planning, unrealistic timelines, and ineffective project scope. From managing timelines and deadlines to increasing accountability, the use of project management software has become key to the success of an organization.

 In 2019, 76% of organizations used project management software for efficient management. Top software development companies provide efficient solutions that can help optimize the management process. A 2019 study reveals that 65% of organizations observed stated that project management software positively impacted the successful completion of their project. Gantt software is synonymous with project management due to its ease of use, quick installation, and visually effective design. The software uses the Gantt Charts operating system, enabling efficient project management with short turnarounds and successful outcomes

Peter Herzog, the author of this article, is a proficient software developer with over five years of experience in the industry. He is also passionate about artificial intelligence and the role of big data in business processes. He has published his work on many of the reputed technology-centric sites. He says, "A user-friendly interface helps to visualize the critical path of a project, the tasks, progress, and enables efficient tracking."

This article provides in-depth information on the best free, open-source Gantt chart software solutions available now. These Gantt chart software solutions offer a good choice for efficient collaboration, communication, and risk management.

Ten best free and open-source Gantt chart software solutions in 2023

For businesses looking to use free and open-source Gantt chart software solutions that can manage huge volumes of different projects that have similar characteristics, the list below will help. When Gantt chart software solutions are used, planning, monitoring, and implementing operations seamlessly is easy. Here are some of the best Gantt chart software solutions that can provide the best management functionalities.

1. Gantt Projects

Founded in 2003, Gantt Project has since had numerous updates and downloads. It is used in around 200 countries. Available for free, users get to opt for a paid version also. It uses GPL 3 license, and due to its open-source feature, the source code can be altered and redistributed when compliant with GPL 3 terms.

Key features

  • It is available for use on Linux, macOS, and Windows systems.
  • Quick download and installation. It requires minimal setup for starting project management with it.
  • The interface is user-friendly. Allows efficient work breakdown, creation of Gantt chart, assigning resources, and cost calculation, all completed in a few minutes. 
  • Allows export of documents to MS project format and import of current documents. 
  • Export to PNG and PDF feature helps in reports and printable charts generation.

Global rank: #501,756

Total visits: 89.7k

Country Targeting: 

  • France: 16.60%
  • United States: 10.25%
  • Italy: 5.64%

2. ProjectLibre

ProjectLibre Gantt chart

Founded in Silicon Valley and France by Marc O'Brien and Laurent Chretienneau, ProjectLibre provides service to more than 193 countries worldwide. This is one of the free, open-source Gantt chart software solutions providers with a cloud and desktop version. It boasts a simple cloud login as against the expensive, complex, and bloated architecture of Microsoft Projects. As one of the effective Gantt chart software solutions available now, the cloud version of ProjectLibre can handle multiple projects managed by multiple users. The team dashboard feature enables project collaboration from members located in different regions. Free and paid monthly subscription plans are available.

Key features

  • Provides Gantt chart maker tools and RBS/WBS charts.
  • Resource histograms, network diagrams, and earned-value costing.
  • Provides a basic format for making project plans like task lists.
  • Users can set task duration, create links, and assign resources.
  • Accessible on Windows, MacOS, and Linux.
  • Support is provided through documentation and email.

Global rank: #779,367

Total visits: 66.0k

Country Targeting: United States, France.

3. OpenProject

Open-source project management is an agile or hybrid type of highly secure classic software. It is one of the Gantt chart software solutions that provide a safe and fast way for teams to structure their work, connect, and get the intended results. All information about a project is displayed in a single place enabling team members to work efficiently. The software promotes data sovereignty, collaboration, and open source. It is a free web-based software that supports projects through their entire lifecycle.

Key features

  • Allows usage, modification, inclusions, and distribution via its open-source feature.
  • Enables agile, waterfall, and traditional methods for managing projects.
  • Protects data privacy in a secure environment using the highest privacy and security standards.
  • Security features like password security, data securing, session runtime, and two-factor authentication are used.
  • Provides fast connectivity between teams and helps achieve results by efficient work structuring.
  • The shared timelines feature motivates the team to collaborate and effectively achieve project deliverables.
  • Supports agile, Kanban, and Scrum methodologies.

Global rank: # 63,750

Total visits: 577.9k

Country Targeting: 

  • Germany: 64.49%
  • United States: 4.64%
  • Vietnam: 4.48%

4. Redbooth

Redbooth uses flexible software, including Gantt chart maker, to enable teams to manage multiple tasks simultaneously. Businesses can keep track of existing projects and begin new ones with the pre-built templates of the software. It is supported by 39 million historical tasks and a billion data points using artificial intelligence-powered Redbooth Predict. Using the software, an organization can easily identify the most critical projects, add, and sort them as per assignees, dates, and tags for the management of next-level tasks.

Key features

  • The software helps organize small and large-scale tasks with its online feature that can be used on the go or via desktop.
  • Customizable Kanban boards are present that help to plan, track, sort, tag, and organize tasks. 
  • The intuitive design enables candid communication and improved task management.
  • Provides improved task transparency enabling one to know which team member is working on what task and the deadline for the task. 
  • The software helps delegate responsibilities across team members using assigned users, priority, custom tags, status, date ranges, and more.
  • The Gantt charts with Timeline View enable tracking projects, adding tasks, altering dates, making task dependencies, and more.

Global rank: #210,407

Total visits: 186.2k

Country Targeting: 

  • United States: 40.92%
  • Spain: 29.23%
  • Argentina:7.01%

5. Agantty

Agantty Gantt chart

For small or medium-sized teams that cannot manage their project tasks efficiently, Agantty offers a good solution. It offers a candid project management process that can be applied to an unlimited number of teams, projects, and tasks using Gantt-chart maker as the basis. A single account is sufficient to manage multiple tasks/projects/teams. 

Key features

  • The Gantt Chart maker feature provides a candid overview of all projects and tasks, preventing missed milestones and deadlines.
  • The task overview feature allows the filtering and sorting of team tasks to enable a structured work process.
  • Enables effective collaboration and assigning of tasks to colleagues and friends.
  • Drag and drop feature helps in the fast and easy organization of tasks.
  • Helps manage which team members can view and edit particular tasks. 
  • Export tasks for particular time frames to coworkers in PDF format or via email reminders.
  • Uses 256-bit SSL encryption
  • The software has ISO 27001 certification.

Global rank: #3,437,618

Total Visit: 28.1 k

Country Targeting: Germany and the United States

6. OrangeScrum

OrangeScrum boasts comprehensive software that manages time, projects, and resources skillfully. The company started with EasyAgile- a task and time management tool. The software allows businesses to keep all their data on their premises using the On-premises version of Orangescrum. It provides end-to-end encryption and is compliant with GDPR and CCPA. The software is also ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified. The Gantt chart maker feature is a useful addition. It offers customized management methods that include personalized implementation and migration services.

Key features

  • Helps organize teams, tasks, clients, and projects in a single place.
  • Easy project visibility and collaboration.
  • Monitors progress and enables visualization of the tasks taken care of by team members
  • Improves productivity and deliverables and boosts business growth
  • Has billable hours tracking feature that enables resource allocation and use.
  • Has organization features like custom task types and labels, subtasks, task groups, checklists, and more
  • Task Views include Sprint, Gantt, Kanban, and List.
  • Work streamlining features include project templates, custom fields, status workflow, and custom billing rates for resources.

Global rank: #1,159,064

Total Visit: 38.3k

Country Targeting: 

  • India: 39.82%
  • Russia: 23.70%
  • Ukraine: 15.24%

7. Instagantt

Instagantt boasts powerful yet simple and intuitive Gantt chart software online. More than 25,000 teams worldwide have used it effectively. This software assures instant usage without the need to learn how to use the Gantt chart maker feature.

As one of the best Gantt chart software solutions, it has a comprehensive set of tools that meet project management needs. The interface is simple and intuitive, enabling quick creation of project plans. Efficient collaboration is ensured with the software, providing good visualization and making it easy to schedule tasks and resources accordingly.

Key features

  • Manage projects fully with good flexibility and control.
  • Schedule easily using the drag-and-drop feature.
  • Enhanced productivity and effectiveness are ensured with the card Kanban system.
  • Provides a Critical Path feature that helps identify tasks that affect deadlines and take necessary action.
  • Allows project download in PDF format or Image export to share with other team members.
  • Enables baseline creation and loading that helps compare the previous chart state to the current state.

Global rank: #200,574

Total Visit: 287.0 K 

Country Targeting:

  • Japan:20.33%
  • Mexico: 8.61%
  • United States:7.93%

8. Lucidspark

Lucidspark promises businesses the best project management with its virtual whiteboard that connects teams seamlessly. Intuitive features of the software enable brainstorming new ideas, forging new connections, and surfacing insights on an infinite canvas. Improved decision-making is enabled with its smart features that help in taking definitive action.

Key features

  • Freehand drawing, sticky notes, and infinite canvas tools help form new ideas and brainstorm.
  • In-product chat, timers, and voting tools keep all members engaged and working on their tasks.
  • Changing ideas into strategy with the help of tagging and grouping items, creating completed documents, and sharing key feedback is possible with the software.
  • Helps improve customer experience via collecting user data, visualizing, and sharing insights with all concerned members.

Global rank: # 115,776

Total Visit: 540.3K

Country Targeting: 

  • United States: 25.33%
  • United Kingdom: 7.57%
  • Brazil: 6.86%

9. Miro

miro gantt

Miro provides an efficient visual platform that enables connecting, collaborating, and creating innovative projects together wherever one works. Miro is one of the best Gantt chart software solutions that provide more than 100 integration with tools such as Google Docs, Zoom, and more. It helps unleash creative concepts using sticky notes, mind maps, images, drawing capabilities, etc.

Key features

  • It is compliant with ISO-27001 enterprise-grade security.
  • The software is a leading visual collaboration platform on G2. 
  • It provides over 1000 templates built by its community members and experts
  • A majority (99%) of the Fortune 100 companies are customers of the company.
  • It helps create low-fi wireframes and allows stakeholder involvement in the design process
  • It enables the operation of engaging design workshops.

Global rank: #2,534

Total Visit: 27.7million

Country Targeting: 

  • United States: 11.61%
  • Russia: 6.93%
  • United Kingdom: 5.80% 

10. Bitrix24

Bitrix Gantt chart

With over 12,000,000 businesses choosing Bitrix24, it is one of the Gantt chart software solutions that are much sought after. Founded in 1998, it boasts an annual revenue of up to 50 million US dollars. Available in 18 languages, Bitrix24 is easy to scale and has a wide range of customizable tools, texts, menus, colors, etc. The free, open-source Gantt chart software solutions of this type are free for unlimited users.  

Key features

  • It is an ideal alternative to the existing SaaS solutions.
  • Migrating data to your system for other systems is easier.
  • Has over 12,000,000 users globally
  • Free forever with unlimited user access.
  • Integration with existing apps and services is easy
  • No fee is charged, and does not have any hidden costs. 
  • More than 100 third-party integrations are present
  • Improved security measures, speed, and performance.
  • It can be hosted on a company's server.

Global rank: #20,529

Total visits: 2.5 million

Country Targeting:

  • Argentina: 12.48%
  • Vietnam: 8.54%
  • UAE: 7.09%

Choosing The Right Gantt Software For Project Management

Finding the right software from the available Gantt chart software solutions can be tricky if a company does not have clarity regarding its requirements. As seen from the above list of the best Gantt chart software solutions, each one has special advantages and drawbacks. Some of the key points to consider while choosing the right one are given below.

How easy is the software to use?

A user-friendly interface helps visualize a project's critical path and the task in progress, enabling efficient tracking. Productivity will be boosted, especially for complex projects with huge amounts of data to assess.

Usability is another feature that helps to minimize the learning curve. With the help of interactive Gantt charts with simple drag and drop or simple click methods, using the application will not be a hardship. Hence, checking how easy it is to use is critical for success.

Is the software easy to Integrate?

The Gantt software should be compatible with a company's existing software for its projects, like tracking, agile workflows, communication, and more. 

What can I use instead of a Gantt chart?

Since they were developed in 1915 by Henry Gantt, the charts have become indispensable in project management. But some drawbacks include difficulty in understanding, inflexibility, and complicated updating methods. Some alternatives to use include a Kanban board, a Scrum board, and a cross-functional flowchart.

Does Microsoft have a Gantt chart?

Microsoft does not have predesigned templates of the Gantt Chart. But it can be manually formatted using the Stacked Bar chart in MS Word and the bar graph feature in Excel. The Microsoft Project, however, allows the creation of Gantt charts easily.

Should you go for the free or paid versions?

Businesses can find many Gantt chart software solutions that are available as free and open-source versions. But they may not meet the criteria of a business fully. The paid or premium versions have customized features that help meet a business's comprehensive needs. 

Where can I make a Gantt chart for free?

With a Gantt chart, it is easy to improve communication, gain a broader perspective of the project's progress and protect team members from task overload. The list of top Gantt chart software solutions mentioned in this article provides you with a wide range of choices to choose from for making a Gantt chart for free.

What is the best software to create a Gantt chart?

The best software depends on multiple aspects, including ease of use, high usability features, integrations, and competitive pricing. Based on the requirements of the business, the software should be able to address the various project management needs of the company.

Gantt chart software solutions: Streamline Business Processes With Effective Project Management

Completing a project on time and without compromising on quality helps a business gain the trust of its customers. Maintaining a robust brand image is easier with the right software. The risk of low-quality products missed deadlines, and wasting money and resources is eliminated. Compared to the manual execution of the various steps in a project management process, the use of Gantt chart software solutions is a sensible and smart choice that can provide high returns to users.

Peter Herzog
Ruby on Rails Developer
Peter is a Ruby on Rails web developer with 10 years of experience, and a strong foundation in full-stack development, with a particular focus on building scalable and efficient web applications using the Ruby on Rails framework. With a proven track record of delivering high-quality software on time and within budget, Peter is skilled in agile development methodologies and has a deep understanding of modern web technologies, including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and various database systems.

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10 Best Free and Open-Source Gantt Chart Software Solutions in 2023