Machine Learning is a fast-growing technology - one that has captured the imagination of every tech and non-tech enthusiast alike. We often come across questions like “Will AI take over the world?” or “ Will Machine Learning solutions replace humans at the workplace?”

Such questions are fanciful sure - but there’s limited truth to them as of now. While Machine Learning algorithms are making their way in every industry, people are aware of its power and trying to include it as a complementary process for human work.

One such area where Machine Learning systems are a great supporting tool is software development. The technology is gradually seeping into the day-to-day operations and making the unimaginable, practical. While simple software couldn’t recognize an object in a photo, Machine Learning programs can recognize as many objects in a photo, identify patterns, and provide accurate descriptions.

This article will focus on how Machine Learning services are becoming a crucial part of software development and how they are changing the industry. We will see the applications of Machine Learning algorithms in different areas of development and how it helps to build great products.

What are the Benefits of Machine Learning Software?

Before we dive deep into how Machine Learning helps in software development, let’s understand how it is benefitting industries as an overall technology.

From the business point of view, Machine Learning has tremendous potential. The top three drivers of AI/ML adoption include:

  • Extracting high-quality information (60%)
  • Productivity enhancement (48%)
  • Cost reduction (46%)

Most businesses that adopt Machine Learning suggest that the technology helps them in strategic and operational decision-making. By providing valuable data patterns, companies can make decisions that help them work better with future volatility. 

Companies and top executives also believe that Machine Learning development is transforming the job market as well. Today, there are more requirements for Machine Learning developers than ever before. The intense competition also gives rise to high-quality talent that leads to better business outcomes.

How is AI used in Software Development

Machine Learning is a subset of Artificial Intelligence that simplifies imitation of human activities. But could Machine Learning consulting be used in software engineering and development - an area where programmers need to write code, come up with creative solutions, and build sustainable products?

The answer is - Yes. Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence development are now an integral part of every software development company. It not only supports the activities of developers but also helps to test code and fix issues when any problem arises.

Here’s how a custom software development company can use Machine Learning in their development process:

  1. Project estimation
    Machine Learning enables companies and project managers to create a proper budget and timeline estimations. The solution goes through past projects, forecasts, user stories, features, timesheets, and more to find the right patterns and determine the cost and completion time estimates. Since these algorithms understand the context, they provide accurate estimations for the project.
  2. Identifying code issues
    Thanks to the advancements in Machine Learning programs, any software development services provider can use AI tools to identify code issues and fix bugs. The solution goes through the entire code, finds the usual patterns, and determines what looks unusual. Often, developers get stuck at runtime because there are errors in compilation, which the Machine Learning algorithm can easily find.
  3. Intelligent programming
    Machine Learning tools also help to program intelligently. The algorithms can identify common coding mistakes like omitting a piece of code or forgetting to put identifies. It reduces the errors that any developer could make while coding. The ML solutions can be modified based on the programming language or the framework used for development.
  4. Software testing
    When the software is ready, and the prototype is sent for testing, QA engineers and testers have to go through a lot of hassle to review the product. Machine Learning systems enable easy testing by following certain rules that need to be followed. When the criteria are fulfilled, the test is said to be passed. There’s no need for developers to spend hours reviewing the code and finding problems.
  5. Programming assistance
    There are numerous instances when developers need assistance with documentation, best practices, and related text for product engineering. AI and ML-based virtual assistants provide support to developers by providing these documents and assistance right when they need it. These virtual bots also learn from past mistakes and notify developers of what needs to be done to solve those issues.

Apart from these, Machine Learning also cuts down the time it takes to develop prototypes. It provides support in wireframing and designing the product by going through hunks of data and offering the best possible solution. It enables strategic decision-making by delivering the right information that provides valuable insights for every stage of product development.

Will Machine Learning Replace Programmers?

It is doubtful that Machine Learning solutions will replace programmers. Whether it’s a software development company in USA, India, or Singapore, there will always be a need for software developers who can think on their feet. 

As of now, Machine Learning algorithms can mostly use past data to deliver valuable insights that will help developers make better decisions. Machine Learning programs that can build products without writing code are a far-fetched reality, which may or may not be possible due to certain constraints.

For one - creativity is spontaneous and doesn’t work on data. It requires a thought process, which Machine Learning algorithms have not yet developed to that extent. AI solutions also need to balance ethics with their potential - so that they work in favor of humans and not against them.

Software developers can utilize Machine Learning systems as assistants and partners in development - but these solutions are far from taking over the software development industry. Companies will use Machine Learning technology to take advantage of analytics and forecasting, but it might be unlikely that they will leave the coding to the machines. 

While there are many potential benefits of Machine Learning services in software, programmers should be wary of the negative effects and focus on how they can work in harmony with the technology and use it to their advantage.

Parth Barot
BoTree Technologies
Parth is a full-stack programmer and has programmed extensively in Ruby on Rails, Python-Django, React-Native (Android and iOS Development) / ReactJS, RPA, Java and Javascript frameworks and is always exploring the new age programming languages and platforms. Parth has worked closely with teams based out of the US, UK and Europe. Parth has also visited and worked closely with clients in Singapore.

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How is Machine Learning Changing Software Development?