Food delivery services are widely used. According to the research, revenue figures alone suggest that the worldwide online food delivery market is projected to reach approximately $1.02 trillion in 2023. That is not the end of the market's growth, though, as figures also estimate that a 22.2% increase is expected to be observed in 2024.

Statista claims that the Chinese market is the most lucrative in terms of revenue, with $395,900.00 million in 2023 expected to be generated. Grocery delivery has the biggest market share in terms of each segment, with the average revenue from the user in this niche thought to be worth approximately $449 in 2023.

It is hardly surprising that there have been trillions in terms of revenue that are being generated, as data has also revealed that so many continue to use the services that are offered by the likes of Uber Eats, Deliveroo, and many others that can be found locally to certain markets. According to studies, over 112 million Americans have used a food delivery service, while 60% of those use them at least once a week.

There is no denying that they have become incredibly convenient for people worldwide. Much of the population tends to live busy lives and cannot always go to the shop and get the essentials they need to survive. Food plays a hugely important role in our health. It can provide us with the fuel needed to continue to do what we need to, whether at work, to enjoy pastimes and hobbies or to simply enjoy some downtime whenever free time is made available.

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Business Opportunites in 2023

The market size has made it a very interesting proposition for businesses globally, too. It is evident that there are a number of financial opportunities available. As highlighted, millions - if not billions - of people regularly use online food delivery services to get the food and meals they need conveniently and at a time that fits in with their busy livelihoods. 

As a result, a number of companies and startups have decided to try and get a piece of the pie on offer. Although there are already a number of established companies in the industry, as well as big mergers, others have decided to take it on at a smaller level. Some firms may have decided to try and capitalize on the local market as they feel they can provide benefits such as a tailored service to the local area's communities. At the same time, some have looked to try and do other things differently.

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One thing that can make businesses stand out from the crowd and give them a chance to be successful is the website that they create. As consumers, we all want to have a faultless and seamless experience when using a site, especially when it comes to getting food delivered. Customers typically only look to order a takeaway when they are hungry and can not always function in the best way. At the same time, those who like to make their weekly shop online want the process to be just as smooth and easy as the one they would receive in a store.

As a result, there has been a greater emphasis on the websites that are built in 2023. If you are a company looking to enter the space, then various factors should be considered. If each of them is approached correctly, then there is a greater chance of achieving success compared to if they are ignored.

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Building a Food Delivery Website in 2023: Things to Consider

In the past, it used to be incredibly difficult to create a website. It used to be a very technical task and something that much of the population would find too challenging to accomplish without any prior experience. Of course, it was possible to use web designers and web developers as they would be able to get everything sorted in a little time.

However, on the flip side, they could also become expensive and potentially cost a fair share of a startup's budget. Suppose the budget was drained on the website. In that case, they may not have had enough money to use for other business needs, such as marketing and advertising, delivery equipment, or any other resources needed to ensure the startup can operate successfully.

Nowadays, it is very easy to create a website. People with limited or no experience can create the sites they want and visualize them as part of their plans. Businesses can also have greater control over what they want to do with the site, as they can make their own changes as and when they feel they are required.

Nonetheless, those that do consider creating their own website for their online food delivery service have a number of different things that they need to consider. These include:

  1. Choosing the right platform
  2. Choosing the right imagery to use
  3. Ensuring the website is accessible to customers
  4. Making the menu and order process as simple as possible
  5. Promotion of the website and getting it out into the competitive market

Step #1: Choosing the Right Platform

Once the idea of creating an online food delivery service has been made, it is important to make sure as much research is completed before getting started with the entire process of taking the idea from paper and turning it into reality. Much of the research about creating the website in the first place should come down to finding out as much as possible about the type of platform to use.

Numerous platforms and backends are available on the market to use. Still, not all of them will offer the same features or benefits, thus making it vital to conduct as much research as possible before making a decision. Each of them can make the whole process easier, but there are content management systems (CMS) that can be better suited for individuals with different experiences. For instance, a WordPress system may be better for those without experience, as it does not require any coding. It can also be better for plugins that can help the site stand out with features in a crowded industry. Website builders are also very popular with novices, as they make the entire process as simplified as possible.

Notwithstanding, it is highly recommendable to try and find out as much as possible before selecting each one to use. It can be a painful and time-consuming effort to create a website despite being simplified as much as possible. Starting again on a new CMS or transferring over what has already been created may not always be possible, and it may be expensive, too.

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Step #2: Choosing the Right Imagery

Getting imagery and other visuals right, such as the theme, logos, and colors, is extremely important. These graphics can give audiences an immediate impression as soon as they visit the page. This could help them decide whether they want to continue or not feel that their needs will be met.

Food delivery services should make sure that their website follows a food-focused theme and features a number of visuals that accurately portray what they are offering. This could include providing infographics that can be used to convince visitors to use the services they provide. At the same time, they can also look to use the images of some of the biggest food brands possible (with permission) to highlight that they are able to deliver certain products to the customer.

Step #3: Making the Website Accessible

Accessibility is a hugely influential factor as it can be the difference between success and failure for a business. However, there is no denying that it can be challenging to get right and accomplish. This could involve a number of different aspects as visitors may have various requirements that not every visitor to the site may need.

This can include everything from font size to the availability of different languages. Food is a global phenomenon, so your website needs to cater to a multilingual audience. The world is more diverse than ever before, with globalization having played its role in making the planet appear smaller in size. As a result, millions around the globe are now living in countries where they do not speak or have very limited knowledge of the native language. Some have taken classes to educate and immerse themselves, but those that do not have the skills will want to use a site that can provide all the information that they need to order food in their own language.

Businesses should research which languages are spoken in the region and then look to incorporate them into the website they have created. For instance, they may want to incorporate German translations if they are in an area that is heavily influenced by its German community. Want to take German classes online? There are classes with private tutors that can help with the learning process, which could help you build the perfect website for your company if operating where the language is spoken.

Step #4: Make the Entire Order Process Simple

As mentioned throughout, creating a food delivery website in 2023 should have a focus on simplicity, accessibility, and complete ease. Consumers can tend to leave ordering a takeaway until they are extremely hungry. This can impact their ability to do other things, as their brains will just continue to tell them that they need to eat, thus clouding any other thoughts they may have.

Therefore, the website created must be used at all times and provide them with everything they need in the simplest of ways. This includes when looking for the type of food they want, searching for the products they want, when they want them to be delivered, and where. This is all before the checkout process, which also needs to be streamlined and simplified as much as possible.

The website design should incorporate each of these aspects, as they should be easy to see and find. If made too difficult, or they do not appear correctly, visitors will be unwilling to use the site or return for a second time. Clear descriptions, high-quality images, and easy checkout processes should all be of focus in 2023.

Step #5 - Promoting and Marketing the Website

Arguably one of the most challenging aspects for any business, but perhaps extremely difficult for online food delivery services in 2023, given the competition, is the website's promotion and marketing. Once it has been completed and has gone live on its chosen domain, businesses need to try attracting viewers to the website to use it and generate revenue. 

There are various ways in which traffic can be directed to them. The use of social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram can be advantageous, as they are inexpensive and targeted marketing campaigns can be created. SEO techniques also should be completed as this can help the site to rank better on a search engine page like Google. Most people know and follow the term "Google it", and if the business can rank itself on the first page, it will have a greater chance of success.

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What Challenges can be Faced?

While there appear to be numerous financial opportunities available to businesses and startups that may be looking to enter the market, the online food delivery industry still poses several significant factors that can impact building a website.

Naturally, with the potential riches on offer, there are a host of competitors looking to try and get a slice of the available pie. Each of them will be looking to offer the same things while trying to do them better than their rivals. There will be some that may be able to do certain things better, too.

Additionally, the market is going to be extremely difficult for a business that does not already have a website, as numerous big players are already established in the market that have accessible websites which are very easy to use. With this in mind, businesses need to try and be as inventive as possible with the sites they create, which can pose issues as visitors may not be well-received.

It should also be noted that a host of other things need to be considered when having a website. Food delivery can be a tough business as people wait for the food they have ordered. There is an expectation that any delivery made should be completed in a reasonable timeframe. If they are not, it can lead to complaints. Why use a service if it takes longer for them to deliver than it takes for you to go and get it? It does not make sense. With complaints likely to happen, there will be a need for resources to be directed to customer service elements. This can be costly and time-consuming, but its importance can not be understated.

These services can also be rather expensive. Customers may find that delivery fees are not worthwhile despite the convenience offered, even if it comes at a cost. Rising fuel prices can put an added strain on the business, as it will ultimately end up costing them to deliver the products, thus losing money on each order.


It is essential for a food delivery service that is operating online to have a website in order to be as successful as possible. However, numerous things need to be considered. Decisions made at the beginning of the process are crucial when developing a site, like picking the right platform and visuals to use. It is important to make sure accessibility is focused on as users want to have a simplified experienced whenever they are placing an order, such as making sure it caters to several languages.

While building an excellent website can help potentially convert visitors into paying customers, it is only half the battle. The website created needs to be different from others already available, while it is important for the business to ensure they can market and advertise it correctly. If they cannot do this, there is a high chance it will not be successful, especially in 2023, when the market is already so competitive.

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How To Create a Food Delivery Website in 2023