Techreviewer spoke with GHARJYOT SINGH, CEO of Cerebrum Infotech - Software Development Company.

Please, introduce yourself and your company. What does your company specialize in?

I'm GHARJYOT SINGH, CEO of Cerebrum Infotech. With the experience of one and a half decades, my core focus is on how strategic planning and development can change the map of businesses. I'm always ready to experiment and have the habit of analyzing the trends and help my team work upon them. We have the aim to develop innovative products that can make the clients' businesses boom.

Who is your ideal client? What industries, regions or types of businesses are you focusing on? 

We serve startups, small and mid-sized businesses, along with Fortune 500 companies located globally. Our offerings are not limited to any industry, we help diverse businesses to build powerful software products to increase revenue and engage users.

What makes you different from competitors? What are your main competitive advantages?

First of all, we just never talk about what other companies are working on; we stand with the trend. The things that are trending, we do our best to bring it successfully to the client.  

  • We're unique in delivering because we have the best team which knows how to coordinate to provide the best results. 
  • We're different because we have the technological edge. 
  • Our vision is different, so is our delivery to the customer. 
  • We research good practices for the startups so that we can uplift them like no one else. 

What is your company’s core business model – outsourcing or outstuffing? Do you work with subcontractors? Why do you think such a model brings additional value to your business and your clients? 

We have a team of 400+ in-house experts' developers, designers, testers, and marketers. Our dynamic individuals work with a passion for delivering the best and bringing the best ideas for the ease of the market.

We strive for excellence every other day. Our team understands the responsibilities-and; this is where our team shines.


How has COVID-19 affected your company? How has it changed your processes? What challenges has the pandemic added to your and your team daily work?

I would say it's just a rapid transformation of the workplace. We gave a push to Work from Home when the news broke down of the rising cases.

Working from Home turned out to be the new normal that was even planned to execute around 2025, but due to the arrival of the pandemic, everything had to be preponed. Companies have to enforce the changes to bring a new system for the better workflow of the businesses. However, challenges were there, but our team has handled them sufficiently while working with new mindsets, behaviors, and values in the rapidly changing workplace.

There happens digitalization in the relationship between company and customer and between employer and employee among the teams.

How has the pandemic affected your clients?

The client communication was handled very efficiently by our team during this pandemic. Undoubtedly, we have kneaded different strategies to keep everything good-going. We know how everything was at immense risk in such bad situations, but our consistent communication with the clients made us through these tough times smoothly.

Our team followed transparency, honesty, and consistency and made an impeccable plan for communication with the client. Our team has kept itself refrained from the blame game and, of course, listened to the clients patiently and collaborated well.

Has COVID-19 influenced your marketing strategies? What are the main channels you use to promote your services now?

We already know how most of the companies were left out uncertain in the shorter period in the COVID-19 crisis. Right?!! This pandemic has certainly reflected inappropriate timing for the promotions, events, and other services. But we haven't stopped right there. Infact, it has given us the opportunity to bring change to our marketing strategies. The plan that's been collecting dust on the shelf has now been reevaluated amidst the pandemic, and this way, our team has revived the current marketing needs due to the change and reentered the market with much more boost.

Talking about the main channels that I've followed are mainly the social media channel. With it, our team started with the crisp of the online campaigns. We know this well how the digital influence of YouTube and Instagram is recording high; it has given our company a lift and created brand awareness about our Cerebrum Products.

Projects & Clients

What are the key factors that you consider when making a project estimation and proposal for a new client? Please, describe your process when you get contacted by a new potential client. 

Our team estimates following the successful plan and the failed one. Undoubtedly, projects bring risks that further bring unexpected costs.

The key factors that I primarily relied on while making project estimation and proposal are:

  • Available of the entire data 
  • Clear identification of tasks 
  • Forming estimations with the program uncertainties 
  • Standardized structure for the estimates 
  • Revision of the estimates for the program changes 

The moment the client walks through the doors of the appointment. They express us the requirements, and we take good note of them. Then, we reconcile and align objectives and estimates with the team. Next, we handle estimates that exceed budgets.   

Last but not least, we attempt every try and even keep creating a long-lasting relationship with the client.

What are the top challenges you and your team face in the software development process most often and how do you deal with them?

Look, the information technology industry is really complex; everything here is vast and dynamic. One also needs to check on the market conditions and the changing trends so fast. We need to tackle the rising demands of the client by providing them the product efficiently. Irrespective of the industries, every business needs well-built software that is directly influenced by certain factors. 

The major challenges that we faced during the process are: 

  • Rising client demands near the deadline 
  • The time limitations that we have to deal with for a single project 
  • Handling personality clashes 

But, with our best managerial team and coordinators, we are capable of coping with the challenges to a larger extent. 

With a systematic roadmap, we cope with every challenge that our team has to face. Mainly with our open-channel communication, it was a way easy to develop strong collaboration with our creative solutions. Our focus has been made up of the four main key areas: Values, Approach, Communication, and Empathy.

What are the criterias for the success of a software development project?

You know, when we undertake a project, we aim its successful completion looking through the wider business environment. 

Every project has the tendency to make it successful while going through from certain set of problems and knowing the vision behind the project shared by the stakeholders. So, consistent communication is everything to take the success as far we can. 

Though there are key points that businesses must focus on while developing the software development project: 

  • The required functionality should be included along with the suggestion of the extra additional features if a team can. 
  • The entire requested features must be in. 
  • The operational parameters must have been achieved. 
  • Deadlines are a must that businesses must not ignore 

In my understanding, the success of the project can be set up by the dedication of the working team and, of course, the commitment of the client. Indeed, understanding the requirements by the businesses is a must and then the agreed set of the deliverables on time.

From your experience, what are the best practices to attain client satisfaction?

The power is solely in the hands of the team to make the client's journey smooth in their business.  

But from experience, I'd say listening to the clients, enhancement in the strategies, and personalizing the clients' experience is all a business can do to increase customer satisfaction. It is not only beneficial for the client but so for the business. It can improve your branding and increase customer lifetime value and customer loyalty for your future re-meets up. 

  • Customers should feel they are valued and cared about on what their requirements are.
  • Understand customer behavior and emotions. 
  • Delivering them omnichannel support. 
  • Instant response with live chats. 
  • Offering gratitude and maintaining customer service etiquette. 
  • Maintaining Transparency 

Note it down for every business to attain client satisfaction; this will certainly help.

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How do you assess the role of research agencies like Techreviewer in bridging the gap between clients and service providers?

Well, research agencies like Techreviewer are a must. It is an effective tool to connect with potential clients. I understand it as a trustworthy platform for both of the parties.

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