Marius Padureanu

Techreviewer spoke with Marius Padureanu, co-founder of web development company tagDiv. The interview is a part of a series on web development. Learn more about tagDiv on their Techreviewer profile.

General Questions

Please, introduce yourself and your company. What does your company specialize in?

My name is Marius Padureanu, and I’m the co-founder of the tagDiv Software Company. I’m a frontend developer and responsible for developing intuitive and flexible UX & UI interfaces. Our company specializes in creating premium WordPress web development and web design solutions. Of course, we have two wonderful WordPress themes we constantly improve to help content creators, publishers, and companies to easily build their websites.

Who is your ideal client? What industries, regions or types of businesses are you focusing on?

Our ideal client is the company that wants a flexible solution to create a wonderful website. Vivid, appealing, and fully functional. People turn their attention towards the Newspaper or Newsmag themes because they offer a wide range of functionalities and customization possibilities. Our customers come from multiple industries, with various levels of specialization. From bloggers, small businesses to large corporations, startups, and government agencies, our clients are widely different. If I think about the project we’ve worked on, I think small and medium businesses eager to grow are our best customers. 

What makes you different from competitors? What are your main competitive advantages?

I believe that our own main competitive advantages come from our desire to challenge the well-established rules and go the extra mile to give the customers what they need. Our team is highly skilled in WordPress. We work with efficiency and our professionals like to show off by providing even better solutions. We’re facing challenges and always find the best viable solutions.

What is your company’s core business model – outsourcing or outstuffing? Do you work with subcontractors? Why do you think such a model brings additional value to your business and your clients? 

We like to work closely with our colleagues, and we prefer to do everything in-house. From software development to web design, PR, and digital marketing, as well as creating relevant content for our audience on different channels, we craft everything ourselves. I guess both outsourcing or outstaffing are viable solutions depending on the problem they solve. I think that delivering a project to the customer in time is a must. As a result, if you need additional resources to do it, that’s that. You either outsource or hire new personnel.


How has COVID-19 affected your company? How has it changed your processes? What challenges has the pandemic added to you and your team daily work?

Of course, Covid-19 has affected us. It changed the way we work in our company, especially in the multidisciplinary teams. The pandemic forced us to learn to coordinate from a distance as we've been working remotely since March 2020. We’ve implemented a new way to track progress/status on tasks to ensure  we deliver the projects as expected. Also, on a daily basis, each team had to make an effort to add more details on the task cards, so someone else can take the current status and complete it and move it on. 

How has the pandemic affected your clients?

People still build websites, and they will always do for so many reasons. There are multiple offline businesses that want to move partially or entirely in the online environment to adapt to the new conditions. We’ve seen an increase in the number of customers that need our services.

Has COVID-19 influenced your marketing strategies? What are the main channels you use to promote your services now?

There’s a secret recipe that I wouldn’t want to disclose. We always respond to every query on every channel, and we are always there when our customers need us.

Projects & Clients

What are the key factors that you consider when making a project estimation and proposal for a new client? Please, describe your process when you get contacted by a new potential client.

Each and every project is as unique as the customer. We use a process to estimate the necessary time for the implementation and cost based on the specifics of the project. The project estimation is established by taking into consideration the key factors such as timeframe, required resources, specifications, and budget.

What are the top challenges you and your team face in the software development process most often and how do you deal with them?

I think the most frequent challenge is miscommunication. People are not usually used to discuss technical issues. They find it hard to go into details and explain what they need or how they expect something to function. We handle each project individually via email.  We talk with people, asking them a lot of questions until we have a clear idea of what they need and what they expect from us. We respond to all their queries and do the project as they expected.

What are the criteria for the success of a software development project?

We call success on a project when the client is happy with the results. All the criteria must meet the requirements and the agreement made between the company and clients. Organizing the software development project in stages and having a project manager that assigns it to the professionals are also important aspects.

From your experience, what are the best practices to attain client satisfaction?

There are so many best practices to attain client satisfaction, but I believe that by understanding the customers’ needs, good communication, and being effective in delivering the solution are the most important ones. 

About Techreviewer

How do you assess the role of research agencies like Techreviewer in bridging the gap between clients and service providers?

The research agencies have the role in extending a company’s visibility and are also a trust factor.

Research & analytics team

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