So, it's 1976. Two men are making very painful decisions for the sake of their dreams. Steve Jobs is selling his Volkswagen bus that pretty much defined his youth. On the other end, Steve Wozniak's selling his Hewlett-Packard calculator (one of the first programmable ones, by the way) to gamble on a dream they didn't know would work. Well, it did.

Since those pioneering days, the demand for iOS devices (and the apps that come with them) has soared. For perspective, Apple now boasts about 2 million apps and millions of developers on the platform. With 216 million iPhones on average selling yearly since 2015, per Statista, having an iOS developer in your business remains a great idea. Who would want to miss out on a slice of that vast pie? Certainly not you! This guide is here to ensure you're equipped to hire the best iOS developers in 2023.

I'm Sandra O'Connor, by the way, and I've got over 6+ neck-deep years in the Apple ecosystem. The ins and outs? Got it covered. The design intricacies? Been there, done that. The falcon-like vision to spot trends? You bet. Allow me to equip you with the insights and understanding you need to secure the crème de la crème of iOS talent.

You will learn the top tricks for finding the best iOS developers, the Daves and Susies, who can make your app ideas shine on iPhones worldwide. Simple steps to take you from a great idea to a "Wow! great app?" Let's start.

Tip #1: Define Your Needs Clearly

You and Cath, your college bunkmate, came together to start "BunkMateChat" a few years ago. The app soared higher than the Spirit of Meeks kite in the App Store for three years. This wasn't just another app; this was THE app that redefined college communication.

But last week, SueMate and AlfieMate complained about some glitches. And then there's that one stinging comment about the app's design feeling like a throwback to the 70s – not in the cool, retro-chic way. A quick dive into the analytics makes it clear: user engagement is dropping, and words like "buggy" and "outdated" are becoming the new taglines in the reviews.

Before you hit speed dial and disrupt Dave's sun-soaked vacation in the Bahamas, take a moment to reflect. Does BunkMateChat just need a little facelift, a touch-up here and there? Or, given the evolving user preferences, is it high time for a full-on "BunkMateChat 2.0"?

With that clarity, you can chart out a hiring strategy that doesn't just bring in new faces but brings in the RIGHT faces. The result? BunkMateChat makes a better comeback than Steve Jobs in the 90s.

Tip #2: Check Portfolio And Past Work

Alright, rewind to when you and Cath were brainstorming ideas for BunkMateChat. Remember that sketchy eatery where you two would often hang out? Imagine if you ordered their famed cheesy fries only to find out they taste just like the ones from the joint across the street. A letdown, right?

Now, back to present day. When you're on the hunt for a dev, their portfolio is that plate of cheesy fries. Look into their past projects with Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's detective eye. It'll give you a taste of their design flair, their knack for creating intuitive user experiences, and their ability to handle projects of varying sizes and layers.

You're looking for not just proficiency; you're seeking uniqueness. Can they craft an app that doesn't just blend into the App Store but actually pops, sizzles, and gets people talking? Ensure your next BunkMateChat isn't just a clone served on a different platter.

Go for the developer whose portfolio promises unforgettable flavors. To make your portfolio deep-dive easier, consider using tools such as this PDF Editor free or others you prefer to find that spark. Now, how's that for clarity?

Tip #3: Cultural Fit

Think about this: You, Cath, and the OG BunkMateChat team. Every late-night coding session, every brainstorming session fueled by cups of caffeine, every launch party that left you sore from all the margaritas and back slaps. The magic? It wasn't just in the code; it was in the chemistry.

But remember Pete? Great coder, but somehow always out of tune with the rest. Remember how meetings felt longer, projects got tangled, and the vibrant BunkMateChat rhythm felt, well... a bit off? That's the power of cultural fit. It's not just about the technical chops. It's about finding a developer who fits in better than Marlon Brando in The Godfather.

So, before you bring someone on board, ensure they vibe with the BunkMateChat ethos. That way, every project can feel less like an episode of Naked and Afraid and more like "Let's get this done!"

Tip #4: Ask For References

Imagine this: You're at that hipster pizzeria downtown everyone's been raving about. It's your first time, and the menu is... overwhelming. So what do you do? You lean over to the table next to yours and ask, "Hey, what's good here?" That couple's enthusiastic recommendation for the truffle mushroom delight? That's the power of a reference.

Now, switch gears back to "BunkMateChat." When scouting for that new dev talent, wouldn't you want to hear from their last gig? Maybe they were the guys who pulled all-nighters fixing code, or perhaps they were the silent genius behind a feature that's all the rage now.

Don't just trust the resume. Leap into their backstory. Get in touch with their previous partners in crime. Because while skills are great, knowing how they played out in real-time is like getting an insider's tip on the best slice in town.

So, before you officially slide them into your team DMs, make a few calls. Ensure your next hire isn't just about the buzz but truly brings that unbeatable flavor to your digital pie.

Tip #5: Trial Period Or Pilot Project

Now, you wouldn't hand over the reins of BunkMateChat to just anyone without testing the waters first, would you? Think of the pilot project as that tentative first dance at prom. You're checking the rhythm, the vibes, the moves. Can they keep up with the beats of your brilliant app idea? Or are they stepping all over your creative toes?

Offering a short-term gig lets you peek behind the curtain, ensuring that this dev doesn't just talk but can code the talk. And, most crucially, see if they gel with the legendary BunkMateChat crew. Remember, you're not just looking for a fleeting fling; you're scouting for a star to join the band.

So, before you go full-throttle, dip your toes in. Give them a project, maybe a fresh feature or a much-needed tweak. See if they can turn your grand vision into an app-tastic reality. If they've got the bark and the byte, you might just have found your next headliner.

Tip #6: Communication Skills

Picture this: You, Cath, and the core BunkMateChat crew huddled together during one of those all-important strategy meetings. Everyone's talking, buzzing with ideas, but the tech lingo? It's flying fast. You need to know why that one feature isn't popping, but all you're getting are sentences loaded with jargon thicker than a plot from Inception.

Enter Alex, the new developer. Brilliant mind codes like they were born with a keyboard attached. But here's the kicker: Alex can break down tech speak like it's a bedtime story. Suddenly, those lines of code get translated into a language the marketing and sales teams can figure out.

That's what you're gunning for. Not just a coder but a communicator. Someone who doesn't just throw around "APIs" and "backend" but can tell you, in plain English, what's cooking in the BunkMateChat kitchen and how it'll make the app sizzle in the store. When hunting for that next dev star, remember: you're not just looking for a techie; you're scouting for the BunkMateChat storyteller.

Tip #7: Ongoing Learning And Adaptability

Picture this: It's 2015, and BunkMateChat is all the rage. It's sleek, smooth, and works like a dream on iOS 9. Fast forward, and we're several versions deep into iOS. Would you want BunkMateChat to still dance to the tunes of 2015?

Just like fashion, where what was hot last season might be out this season (sorry, neon legwarmers), the tech world is ever-shifting. Today's cutting-edge feature could be tomorrow's relic. It's a roller coaster, and you need someone thrilled for the ride and not clinging to the rails in sheer terror.

Your dev shouldn't just be comfortable with change; they should crave it. Because in a world where Apple drops new tech goodies now and then, you want BunkMateChat to always be runway-ready, not stuck in the dressing room fumbling with the zipper.

So, in your next interview, look for that thirst for the new and the next.

Tip #8: Understand Their Problem-Solving Approach

Flashback to that one rainy Tuesday. The user data seemed scrambled, and BunkMateChat was throwing errors left and right. Panic? That was the soup of the day. But amidst all the chaos, remember Jenna?

She took a deep breath, organized an emergency team huddle, and laid out a clear action plan. By Wednesday morning, the storm had passed, not just outside but within the app, too. That wasn't magic; that was a stellar problem-solving approach.

When you're in the trenches looking for a recruit, it's not just about their coding expertise. It's about how they handle the curveballs. Throw them a hypothetical: "BunkMateChat's server crashes on the night of a major event. What's your first move?" Gauge their reactions, strategies, and foresight.

Because, let's be real, in the tech world, it's not always smooth sailing. And when those inevitable storms hit, you'll want a developer who doesn't just have a sturdy umbrella but knows exactly when and how to open it. So, dig deep, ask questions, and find that developer who's got the brains of Tony Stark and the composure of Denzel Washington in a crisis.

Tip #9: Budget Considerations

Remember that time you splurged on the fancy espresso machine for the office? Sure, the coffee was heavenly, but the dent it put in the budget? Not so divine. Hiring a developer can feel eerily similar. You want someone who's to coding what Mariah Carey is to Christmas. But then, there's the price tag.

Don't dive into hiring without first understanding the market rate. Is your dream developer local, or are they soaking up the sun from a remote island? Each will have its price tag. So, here's the deal: Go for that balance. That sweet spot where skill meets affordability.

Be transparent about your budget from the get-go, and who knows? You might just find that superstar developer who's ready to ride the BunkMateChat wave without making you sell that espresso machine.

Tip #10: Security And Confidentiality

Remember the devastation when Cath accidentally read that note you passed in History class, and just like that, your little secret was out for all to see? Now, amplify that personal embarrassment a million times when it's about user data.

In this digital age, a breach is more than just an "oopsie"; it's an avalanche. Your developer shouldn't just be good with lines of code; they should guard your data like it's the last slice of pizza at a party.

So, when you're having that chat with a potential hire, ensure they grasp the fortress-like protection BunkMateChat requires. This isn't about merely ticking off an NDA box; it's about ensuring BunkMateChat never makes headlines for the wrong reasons. After all, you're not just handing them a job; you're entrusting them with the trust of thousands.

Tip #11: Feedback Reception

So, the BunkMateChat team has gathered around for a feedback session over pizza. New ideas are coming in from every corner, fresh perspectives are pouring in, and there's that undeniable buzz of creativity in the air. Then there's Jordan: a 10x Developer with a track record that'd make Donald Knuth envious. But when feedback heads Jordan's way? Walls up, defenses high, and the room's energy shift.

See, feedback is the lifeblood of innovation. It's how BunkMateChat transformed from a scribble on a napkin to a chart-topping app sensation. But when a team member treats feedback like an allergy? It's like trying to tune a guitar with a broken string.

So, when you're on the hiring hunt, look for that spark. Seek out devs who don't just nod along but genuinely absorb, reflect, and pivot based on feedback. The goal? To find someone who sees feedback not as criticism but as the secret sauce to making BunkMateChat the stuff of legends.

Tip #12: Post-Hire Training

Imagine hiring Quentin - a coding prodigy, the Marlon Brando of app development. But Quentin, bless him, doesn't know the first thing about the college chat scene. Without some guidance, your next update might end up with features suited for corporate conference calls instead of caffeine-fueled college cram sessions.

So, invest a bit of time and resources. Think of it as orientation. You're not just showing them the ropes; you're giving them the whole BunkMateChat tour – from its humble origins to its grand visions. By giving them this map, you ensure that they not only bring their technical genius but also align it with the spirit of your enterprise. The result? You have a team that's not just technically on point but also in sync with the BunkMateChat beat.

Tip #13: Dive Deep Into Their Passion

When scanning for potential developers, look for the Leonardo in them. Do they tinker with personal projects on the side? Have they ever tried creating their own app just for fun or to solve a problem they faced? Those are the ones who don't just code; they breathe it.

Hiring a developer with that burning passion ensures they'll give your project their all, treating BunkMateChat not just as another gig but as a canvas where they can leave their mark. So, when you're in that interview room, dig deep. Find the Leo of the dev world, and watch as they bring the same zeal to your project.

Tip #14: Tech And Trend Awareness

When looking for devs out there, spare room only for those in touch with tech and its trends.

Are they clocking hours on GitHub, exploring what's trending? Do they have a stash of beta apps on their devices, always testing and tinkering? Being a developer isn't just about mastering the codes; it's about anticipating the next big thing.

So, as you size up your next tech genius, don't just ask about their coding prowess. Dive into how they stay ahead of the curve. You need an iOS dev that's leading the charge and letting the future catch up with them. Not the other way around.

Get The Best Today

There you have it. Whether it's that new app you can't wait to bring to life or those tweaks that could make your app the Madonna of the App Store, these tips can go a long way in ensuring you get the best iOS developer. Couple that with support from those blazing trails in the Apple ecosystem. Your app will likely be unstoppable. So, wait no more. Reach out to the best out there today and bring that iOS app to life.

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14 Tips For Hiring Skilled iOS Developers