If you are confused about the ranking of PDF files that they can appear on the SERP or not, worry not! It’s quite easy to rank the PDF documents just like other content. Google can crawl and index PDF documents. You just need to work on the content and make the files fully optimized.

While a person puts the effort into writing the content and wants to get traffic on the page, he will definitely try to rank the content. Similarly, PDF files are also supposed to be optimized so one can rank them better on the search engine.

In the past, people used to believe that Google find PDFs trackless. According to that myth, it is not possible to rank a PDF file on a search engine. But back in 2011, Google made it clear by announcing that the files could get indexed easily and hundreds of millions of files are already present there.

There are multiple factors that are important to be followed and can help in ranking the files. By remembering those crucial elements, one can easily make the files optimized and make them as per Google standards.

Tips To Optimize PDF Documents

Optimizing the quality of PDF files is not a difficult task. The only thing that you need to focus on is that the files must be easily available for the audience. Secondly, the content in the documents must be easy to read. 

Here we are going to talk about those secret ways that can help you enhance the PDF files. So, stay tuned and read the article till the last.

Compress The Files

Uploading the PDF file ina heavy size is not a wise choice as it will reduce the speed of your page and also make it difficult for the users to download the document.

Multiple elements are needed to reduce the size of the file. You can change the font style for the content and use the feasible one that is supported well by the PDF format. Also, the saving format of the content must be the one that can quickly open on the search engine, i.e. fast web.

Once you complete all these elements, next thing is to download the file and compress it. By doing this, you can get a PDF document with a very small size, but the quality of the text remains the same all the time.

Merge The Files

It is a very simple formula that the more numbers of files, the more the size will be. So, you need to come over this issue and merge PDF files to reduce the size. For it, users can go for an online PDF compiler and upload all the files here.

This tool offers a lot of advantages to the users like they can upload multiple files here at once and bind them all with a single click. So, one can boost the working speed and merge the PDF documents quickly here.

Even if the users import heavy files into the tool, it will merge them all instantly without reducing the speed. Therefore, users must go for a PDF merger and compile the files here to lessen the efforts of the readers and provide them with the entire content on a single platform.

Use More Text

It is a general perception that PDF files are all about images and users have to understand the content there on their own. But actually, PDF files are something else. Themain purpose of this format is to make the text easily readable for the audience.

Therefore, users need to use more text in the file than images if they are actually looking for indexing it on the top of the page.

Keyword-Rich File Name

The file name is the most elements that can rank you better on the search engine. It would be even better if you use the main keyword in your title. Treat it just like the URL or H1.

While a user will look for some content on the search engine, he will use a particular keyword. So, you need to add the most relevant keywords in the title. This will be a helping factor in keeping your PDF file on the top of the SERP.

Use Vector Images

The images present in the content must be in vector format. The reason is that vector images are of less size and highquality. Also, these images don’t get pixelated. If you are using other image formats like bitmap or PNG, it will increase the size of the file.

But you need to reduce the size of the document and make it easily available for the audience. And using images with low mass can be a helping element in compressing the size of the PDF file.

Make The Files Mobile Friendly

Most users make searches on their mobile phones so you have to focus on this aspect and make the file mobile-friendly.

So, you must make sure that the users don’t have to wait long for opening the document on the mobile phone. 

Bottom Lines

Google knows very well that PDF files contain valuable information. Therefore, it gives much priority to the PDF documents and shows them on the top of SEPR. Often we witness this element that featured snippets are used on the result pages.

But it is not as simple to rank these pages. You need to be focused and work on the quality of the files. For example, the lines must be easily understandable for the audience and they must have less size so that users can download the content easily.

All the crucial factors that must be applied to enhance the quality of the PDF documents are discussed in this article. Hope these tips will help you make the files according to the Google policies and rank better on the search engine.

Lucas Frost
Freelance writer
Lucas Frost is a freelance writer who has written for companies in the fields of technology, education, SEO, and digital marketing to help them rank higher in Google search results. He contributes often to online-notepad.net, mergepdf.io, Splitpdf.io, Word-counter.io and a number of other well-known websites.

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Tips To Make Your PDFs SEO Friendly That Are Considered Optimized In Google's Standards