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Last updated: July 2024

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Blockchain technology has opened up newer and more efficient processes for businesses. The technology enhances existing operations and enables the creation of newer models. 

Businesses find that blockchain technology helps address issues in their systems and operations, like sharing of data, privacy, security, and more. As per Statista, the financial industry had 30% of the blockchain market value in 2020, but its spread includes most business sectors, including agriculture, healthcare, and more.  

With the benefits it offers, incorporating blockchain has become crucial for business development and growth. The use is not a simple process, requiring skills and knowledge about the technology. 

Using the best blockchain development company can help make the transition easier. Here is a guide on the process of choosing the right service from the top blockchain development companies present now.

Blockchain Development Process

The development of blockchain requires expertise in the technology. Developers require in-depth knowledge of cryptography and programming languages such as Solidity. The process that top blockchain development companies use focuses on various aspects like

  • Structure of the database
  • Distribution of database
  • The various permission levels for access

In essence, blockchain development is a well-proven method that results in efficient and perfect outcomes. The initial part of the process that the best blockchain development companies follow consists of the following steps:

  1. Defining the problem that the blockchain will solve
  2. Picking a consensus mechanism that suits the project
  3. Deciding the programming language and the blockchain technology to be used
  4. Choosing a development platform like Hydrachain, Ripple, Ethereum, Blockchain, etc.


The planning phase includes:

  • The evaluation of the initial steps.
  • Creating a plan.
  • Focusing on a strategy to ensure a comprehensive process. 


In the design phase, important components are decided upon by the top blockchain development company, such as:

  • The use of specific permission or permissionless network 
  • Presence of a public or private blockchain network architecture
  • Deciding between a hybrid consortium and an architecture with public permissions


In the development stage, the factors like permissions, address formats, management, and block signatures are given priority. The Application Programming Interface is that created for the blockchain, which serves vital functions like

  • Generation of main pairs
  • Retrieve or store important information
  • Auditing


The steps completed above are tested in this stage to identify potential issues. Creating an MVP or minimum viable product is the aim of testing. When the application remains stable upon testing, more complex features are added.


In the launch phase, top blockchain development companies check for compliance with all rules of the Google Play or App Store. After the launch, the performance and user analytics are analyzed. 


Updates concerning frameworks, operating systems, and libraries and adding edits based on the changing business requirements are done in the maintenance phase.

How to choose the right Blockchain Development company for your business?

Most of the top Blockchain development companies cater to large businesses and startups. Since the technology is a fairly new one, many businesses are now aware of what to look for in blockchain development services. Here are some tips for choosing the best blockchain development company.

Narrow down a list of potential Blockchain Development services to collaborate with

Thorough research online is necessary to find the top blockchain development companies. Choosing the options that are relevant to the company's specific needs will ensure making the right choice.

Check specializations and portfolios

Look for technological specializations and portfolios. In addition to knowledge of various programming languages, the blockchain development service should be able to handle tools such as Metamask, caliper, composer, and more. Identifying the service's technology stack will help recognize the technical skills of the team members and their experience. 

Check the company's project management methodologies

Verify the methods the company uses for its project management. The agile method is a preferred choice by many top blockchain development companies, but some use methods like Kanban, Waterfall, or Scrum.

Compare prices keeping your budget in mind

While cost is one of the deciding factors, it should not be the main influencing factor. Some services offer low prices, but their services may not be optimum. A prudent way a company can handle this issue is to fix a budget and match it with the prices of the top blockchain development companies to find the most affordable.

What is blockchain development?

It is commonplace to hear people say that Blockchain is a decentralized entity. This means that the control of Blockchain is not in a single network. Its decision-making capacity lies in a distributed network, thereby making it almost impossible to penetrate its technology because you would have to go through multiple bricks of programs due to the lack of a central host or centralized system. However, blockchain development companies initiate, optimize, develop blockchain protocols, and design decentralized systems architecture, write smart contracts and apps. There are two kinds of blockchain development companies: the core blockchain developers and the blockchain software developers. The core blockchain developers are majorly concerned with developing the blockchain architecture system. They are also responsible for designing consensus protocols and many other high-class development and decisions concerning blockchain technology.

On the other hand, blockchain software developers take the architectural structure and protocols developed by the core blockchain developers to make decentralized apps and contracts that can run on its technology. The world is moving toward blockchain development because it offers a far more secure, faster and transparent system than the centralized systems currently used by financial institutions. Another key characteristic of this technology is that it ensures total privacy by ensuring no third-party alignments in transactions. Blockchain development companies ensure this top security by grouping transactions in blocks built on one another.

Who are the best blockchain developers?

Before discussing the best blockchain development companies, talking about a blockchain developer is appropriate. Blockchain as new technology has facilitated seamless transactions worldwide and saved numerous companies millions of dollars than using the regular exchange. Please use our list of top blockchain development companies where you can filter and compare companies.

The traditional meaning of a blockchain developer is someone that develops blockchain, but the context is deeper.

Individuals responsible for the structure(architecture) of the whole blockchain system are the core blockchain developers. They determine how the system will appear to facilitate better transactions. Core blockchain developers make important decisions relating to the system consensus protocol and design. In summary, they determine the security convention of the technology.

Blockchain software developers, on the other end, are responsible for creating decentralized applications. Unlike regular software developers, they use tools like Truffle, Solidity, etc., to create smart contracts on a protocol. In addition, React, and Java enhances web and mobile compatibility.

What does a blockchain developer do?

In the last segments, a decent establishment was laid on blockchain development and what a developer relies on. Be that as it may, a more profound gander at the set of working responsibilities will be taken in this segment.

A blockchain engineer are responsible for looking for better approaches to utilize blockchain innovation to foster development in each area of society, including states, organizations, etc. Notwithstanding, a blockchain developer has responsibility of making codes, testing them, and executing them in applications in collaboration with blockchain innovation. As prior stated, there are two kinds of engineers specifically; Core blockchain designers and Blockchain programming engineers. Here is a portion of the particular obligations of each kind of developer.

Core blockchain developers:
  • Advancement of blockchain codes and conventions
  • Plan of safety examples and agreement conventions
  • Plan and oversight of the organization design
Blockchain Software Developer
  • Improvement and composing of tokens and savvy contracts
  • Working on intuitive front-end applications and plans for Dapps
  • Building and improvement of back end blockchain
  • Oversight of stack on Dapps.

How much do Blockchain Development companies charge for their services?

Top blockchain development companies do not have fixed pricing packages, as many factors influence the cost. Some of the influencing factors are

  1. The requirements of a business 
  2. The type of project needed and the complexity involved.

The cost of employing a blockchain developer may vary between $30-$150 per. Simply put, the more difficult the job, the higher the cost. The cost of hiring a blockchain engineer also differs from country to country. For example, a blockchain developer in Belarus charges a moderate $40 per hour, unlike some other countries - $70 to $150 per hour.

Here are some that you can expect to pay for a blockchain project:
  • $10,000 – $30,000 for a project of low complexity
  • $30,000 – $100,000 for a project of medium complexity
  • $100,000+ for a project of high complexity

Which programming language is used for Blockchain software development?

Blockchain development is essentially a form of traditional programming. This means that in order to dominate the development and programming of blockchains, you need to hone your understanding of common programming dialects such as C ++, Python, sustainability, JavaScript, etc. Information about these programming dialects is fundamental to building quality blockchains. Here is a summary of the programming dialects used in blockchain development.

C++: This programming language is exceptionally simple to utilize and is vital in blockchain advancement because of its elements like simple control, runtime polymorphism, semantics, and so on. These highlights make C++ a decent programming language for Blockchain.

Python: Arguably one of the world's generally famous and utilized programming dialects, Python close by JavaScript are the most favored dialects of most Blockchain engineers. What makes Python such a solid instrument for designers is its open-support highlight.

Strength: Here is seemingly the quickest developing programming language on the planet. Its significance to Blockchain improvement can't be overemphasized. It is principally utilized for composing smart contracts. These agreements worked by strength developers are then needed to be tried on the Ethereum virtual machine (EVM). Strength is another dialect and is generally utilized by Ethereum engineers

JavaScript: JS is one more gigantically powerful language in the Blockchain. Its prominence and generally straightforward nature have caused many designers to embrace it as their go-to language in building blockchains. Another significant explanation is that blockchain designers can assemble exceptionally keen and proficient blockchain applications with JavaScript because it is introduced in many frameworks. So they need not stress over different difficulties like joining the applications.

Java: One of the most seasoned programming dialects worldwide, Java's capacity to construct simultaneous, class-based, and object-centered codes makes it a valuable language in the blockchain local area.

C#: Originally intended for Microsoft utilization, C# has demonstrated over the long haul to be exceptionally helpful to Blockchain designers, and this is so because it is object-situated and can work across various limits.

Businesses can benefit immensely from blockchain technology, provided they use the right blockchain development service. The above guide will help firms seeking to embrace the technology to choose a top blockchain development company. A reliable and reputed top blockchain development company can provide the best outcomes that ensure enhanced business processes that reflect positively on the bottom line.