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Last updated: April 2024

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Some of the popular technologies used by top software development companies in Utah are JavaScript, HTML, Java, Jest, Svelte, and Apple MDM. Dart, Microsoft Flow, Oracle Cloud Platform, Kotlin, and Apache Knox Gateway are other technologies used by the companies. 

Proper evaluation of a software development company ensures businesses get the desired outcomes without time or money hassle. Assessing the expertise and experience, evaluating the past projects of the company and its portfolio, verifying client reviews and testimonials, deciding on the development process and methodologies used, and reviewing the security practices will help in choosing the top software development companies in Utah.

In Utah, developers charge for their services by the hour. Many of the top software development companies in Utah charge an average hourly rate ranging from $100 up to $149. The project costs differ from company to company and start from $1,000 for simple projects and go up to $50,000 or more. The complexity of the project and scope, the number of developers, and number of hours spent on the project also determine the cost.

Many tax incentives are provided for top software development companies in Utah, such as the EDITF (Economic Development Increment Finance) tax credit, Industrial Assistance Account (a post-performance grant), Utah New Market tax credit, and Technology and life science tax credits.

When compared with other states in the country, Utah ranks 26th in unique developer activity. While Hawaii and Colorado have the first and second place, states like California rank 44th, indicating a slowing down of developer growth. 

The average turnaround time for developing software depends on factors like the purpose of the software, the precision in product requirements, vision, team member skills and expertise, and organizational process. On average, simple software can take three to six months to develop, while a complicated program may need a longer duration, ranging from 6 months to a year.

Yes, top software development companies in Utah offer post-launch support that includes support for the framework and functionalities of the created app, maintenance of web, mobile, and desktop applications, maintenance of layout software, and performance improvement to ensure efficiency and business continuity. The post-launch support also includes system upgrades as per the business needs.

Yes, a business can hire a top software development company in Utah for a remote project, as nearly all the work can be done online. Software developers have the big advantage of being able to find plenty of jobs with flexible work timings. Since Utah boasts high-quality talent in the software development sector and the costs are not as high as in states like California, hiring a Utah-based software development firm for remote projects is a good choice.

With Utah showing a high growth rate since 2016, there is a rising demand for software development services. Many businesses of various niches have benefited from the top software development companies in Utah. MityQuotes and MatchMaker are key clients of BusyHuman, a custom web, mobile, and e-commerce software development company. Jellyfish Technologies, founded in 2011, has delivered over 250 projects of varying scale, and its major clientele includes Swisscom, AppDirect, and Patra Corp.

While the cost of living in Utah is near the national average, it is still higher than its neighboring state of Wyoming. With a high cost of living, developers can demand a high salary. Further, the cost of office rentals and other living costs can influence the budget allocation. Since every project is unique, budget allocation also differs as various variables come into play, such as scope, requirements, project goals, etc.

Buyer's guide

Utah has been fostering software development since the 1980s when it became the home base for two of the biggest software companies, WordPerfect and Novell. In 1969, the University of Utah was the fourth Internet node, and now it has the fastest Internet speed. The state has harbored popular software and information technology companies since 1980. Software development is a driving force for many industries in Utah, such as healthcare, real estate, financial services, and more. 

Software development is an integral part of businesses today as it helps them remain competitive, increases their productivity, reduces costs, and enhances customer service. The development matching a business's needs can ensure positive business growth and help create innovative business processes. With so many advantages, software development has become vital for efficiency and productivity. Here is more on the top software development companies in Utah and the thriving industry in Utah.

Major Software Development Hubs in Utah 

Utah has many tech hubs that foster the growth of software development in the state, with the tech industry contributing $22 billion to the state's economy per year. Over 7% of the workforce in the state is employed in the tech sector. Here are a few top software development hubs in the state.

Silicon Slopes

Silicon Slopes is the area surrounding Lehi, Utah, that houses many tech startups in the state. It starts from Salt Lake City and goes up to Provo. 

The region is popular as a tech hub due to its big cluster of software development, IT, and hardware manufacturing tech businesses like eBay, Vivint, Overstock, SanDisk, and Adobe. The region is home to many unicorns like Route, a SaaS unicorn.


Provo is a city with Brigham Young University, a leading private university in the country. The region receives an above-average amount of venture capital funding. While cities like San Francisco and San Jose dropped in the best-performing cities index due to high costs and low job demand, Provo was recently named the best-performing city by the Milken Institute.

Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City (SLC) is the country's rapidly developing tech hub. 21% of its residents aged between 23 and 28 compared to 13.9% of the national count. The city has more tech degrees per capita when compared to competitor cities like San Francisco and Denver. 

Some major league tech companies in the city include Adobe, based in Lehi, Utah,, Qualtrics, Instructure, and Domo. 

Park City

Popular as a tourist attraction, Park City is also home to many promising businesses. It has become a tech hub due to its proximity to Provo and Salt Lake City, which are less than an hour's drive away. 

It is home to the biggest angel investment network in Utah, the Park City Angels, which saw an investment of $6.55 million in Utah startups in 2015. The city also has a business incubator and accelerator, PandoLabs, which was founded with the aid of Park City Angels. It works with 50 startups in the region.


Midvale is part of the Silicon Slopes North area, with its tech hub expanding to Ogden. The region is a rapidly developing hub housing many of Utah's best software development companies. 

It houses big companies like Zions Bancorp that boast seven affiliate brands across 11 western states. The company has also funded the Pastor France A. Davis Scholarship Foundation, which supports students of color in pursuing STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics), a sum of $100,000.


Ogden has seen a rise in the tech industry in recent years due to software developers' preference for environment-friendly locations. With its lovely mountains, landscapes, and downtown, Ogden has attracted tech workers. As per the Brookings Institution report, Ogden saw a 7% growth in 2019 and 2020, which was higher than other parts of the state. 

RevaComm, Dark Wolf Solutions, Defense Unicorns, and Catalysts Campus are some of the companies with offices here. Catalyst Campus partnered with Weber State University to create a sensitive compartmented information facility (SCIF) in Ogden.

Market Overview

At a time when the market is burdened by high inflation and financial pressure, businesses still focus on spending toward digital transformation. Nearly 70% of small and medium-sized companies focus on improving technology. A recent study indicates that 70% of companies are expected to increase their software investment in 2023. Software trends are ever-evolving, and here are some of them that the best software development companies in Utah use:

Progressive web apps

Progressive web apps are increasing in demand as they offer a wonderful opportunity for website owners to provide outstanding user experiences similar to mobile apps while limiting development costs.

Blockchain technology

The use of blockchain is extending beyond the financial industry as more and more businesses are leveraging it to ensure unparalleled security. All business transactions are secured via organizing info in distributed and decentralized systems that are impossible to breach.

5G technology

Compared to 4G technology, 5G offers an entirely new network architecture for communication and interaction. Enhanced user experience and rapid growth of innovative software development technologies like Augmented reality, Artificial Intelligence, and the Internet of Things.

Internet of Things trends

Using IoT machine learning, businesses can manage large data chunks efficiently, reducing the need for manual processing. Digital twins technology enables an interactive and simulated representation of real-life objects. Enterprise Metaverse is another tech that helps in the seamless integration of services.

As per CompTIA's report, new tech employment in Utah increased by 5,130 new jobs in 2022, with a 4.3% growth rate, which surpassed the national rate of 3.2%. In 2023, the growth rate is expected to increase to 4.9%. Over 123,000 people work in the tech sector in Utah, including technical and non-technical work. The tech industry is valued at $21.8 billion and has 9,300 tech businesses. 

The state has a high concentration of software developers, computer and information research scientists, web developers, and other information technology-related professionals. The high-tech talent has encouraged the setting up of many top software development companies in Utah. Silicon Slopes, a non-profit launched ten years back, connects the tech hubs in the state. Besides creating the greatest number of tech jobs in Utah, Salt Lake City and Utah counties create advantageous economic opportunities throughout the state.

Technical Expertise of Utah-based Developers

As a state with the fastest IT growth rate in the United States, Utah-based developers are skilled in the latest and most advanced technologies and frameworks. 

Popular technologies and frameworks used

Some of the trending technologies used by the top software development companies in Utah are:

  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Artificial intelligence and machine learning are being increasingly used in all aspects of a business as they help businesses strategize, plan budgets accurately, test systems, review data, and more. Generative artificial intelligence is an advanced tech that helps create new content from existing content, which can be used in marketing campaigns, pharmaceutical research, software development, and more. 
  • Low-Code and No-Code platforms. Low-code and no-code development tools help in quick and efficient development. They expand digital access to people without technical knowledge. With such platforms improving rapidly, they can open up more tech accessibility and encourage innovative solutions.
  • DevSecOps. The DevSecOps approach helps in embedded security in each phase of software development. This approach eliminates many of the cyber threats that businesses face. With more and more companies using big data analytics, using DevSecOps can help ensure robust security.
  • Cloud-native software. Cloud-native software can operate only in a distributed cloud-based environment. This software can be scaled on demand, and businesses can pay only for the resources they use. Cloud services offered by Google, Amazon, and Microsoft help businesses meet their software demand without spending excessively.
  • Python. Python is a programming language that works best for big data, machine learning, and other tasks that require heavy computation. It is also easy to learn, making it a popular language globally supported by researchers and developers.

Web development frameworks

Some of the top web development frameworks used by top software development companies in Utah are


Django framework is a Model-View-Template framework based on Python. YouTube, Google, Instagram, and many others use it. Messaging, authentication, and many other functionalities make it a popular framework.


Express is a framework that uses Node.js and is popular for its robust mobile and web application features. Companies like Uber, Accenture, and IBM use it. It is interoperable with frameworks like Sails, Kraken, and Loopback.


One of the best JavaScript frameworks, Ember, uses two-way data binding similar to Angular and comprises many pre-built components and parts. It enhances developer productivity and enables faster completion with its friendly APIs.


Angular is a front-end framework that helps to create single-page applications of high complexity. This dynamic framework is effective for developing client-side applications. Microsoft, Google, and PayPal are a few companies that use this framework.


React uses a component-based framework that can be used as a front-end and back-end framework. Created by Facebook, it is used by Instagram and Facebook.

Case studies showcasing successful software projects

Techliance is a software development company based in Salt Lake City, Utah. It offers custom software development solutions to companies worldwide. Its key clients include WeSeeTV, LulaRoe, Manhattan Fruitier, and Travemeet. Its WeeSeeTV app allows users to create and upload consolidated and played back videos. 

Niftic is another Utah-based company that provides custom software solutions to its clients. National Geographic,, and Olympic Channel are some of the company's key clients. The company has helped attain sustainable growth via its customer-centric product development using proven frameworks and methodologies.

Education and Talent Pool

Utah offers a favorable educational environment for individuals searching for software development courses and computer science programs. Some of the top universities in Utah offering courses in software development are

  • University of Utah, Salt Lake City, Utah
  • Brigham Young University, Provo, Utah
  • Utah State University, Logan, Utah
  • Weber State University, Ogden, Utah
  • Western Governors University, Utah (Online)

Boot camps offered in the state include

  • University of Utah Professional Education Boot Camps
  • Top Salt Lake City Coding Boot Camps by the University of Utah
  • DevPoint Labs coding boot camps
  • The Tech Academy coding boot camp

Utah has plenty of tech talent as it is home to prestigious universities like the University of Utah and Brigham Young University. The presence of companies like Adobe, EA Sports, eBay, Pluralsight, SanDisk, and more indicates the region has no shortage of tech talent. 

As per the Utah government site, Forbes named Salt Lake City as the number one city poised to become tomorrow's tech Meccas. Nearly 4,201 tech industries with more than 68,184 employees are present in the sector.

Salaries and Compensation

According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, 6.160 software developers are employed in the Provo-Orem, Utah, metropolitan region with an annual mean wage of $116,420. 

An annual mean wage of $112,030 is earned by software developers in Utah, with an hourly wage of $53.86. Meanwhile, the annual mean wage is $182,570 in California, $141,130 in New York, $125,630 in North Carolina, and $136,230 in neighboring Colorado.  

Metropolitan area wise, the San Jose -Sunnyvale-Santa Clara region in California has the highest annual mean wage of $234,540 while the Washington-Arlington-Alexandria, DC-VA-MD-WV region has a mean wage of $139,850.

Cost of Living in Utah 

While high inflation is still a big threat to the economic, physical, and mental well-being of Americans, some states are more optimistic and financially sound than others. Utah is one such state that has a well-balanced economic, physical, social, and emotional health condition. 

As per a survey by WalletHub in 2023, Utah is the happiest state in the United States, followed by Hawaii and Maryland. Although it ranked 16th in emotional and physical health, it stood first for work environment and community. As per Statista, the cost of living index for Utah is 102.8, which makes it 31st, with Mississippi ranking first with a cost of living index of 85.

The cost of living in Utah is $1930, which, when compared to other states in the country, is 1.13 times less. The average salary is $ 4,104 after taxes, which is sufficient to cover living expenses for 2.1 months. Comparatively, neighboring Wyoming has a lower cost of living of $1737, while Nevada is costlier with a cost of living of $2267.

The impact of the cost of living on project costs and salaries is dependent on where the team is located. If it is onsite, the cost of living in Utah is near the national average, and given the fact that it is the happiest state with high work environment quality, it ranks high in the preferred places to set up an office in the United States. However, if the development team is based offshore, where the costs are lower, the cost of living will not adversely impact the project cost or salaries. 

Why Choose Utah for Software Development?

Utah has turned into a tech hub in the past decade with a strong entrepreneurial community. The tech industry contributes $22 billion to the state economy, and over 7% of the workforce in the state is employed in the industry, as per Fortune. 

The state capital, Salt Lake City, is one of the most active tech markets in North America for office leasing activity, which is driven by the growth in tech employment and office lease rates. Other areas like Provo, Midvale, Park City, and Ogden have attracted tech companies with their favorable business environment.

Tech companies have affordable operating costs, and employees also find the cost of living to be competitive when compared to conventional and larger tech markets. Further, the state offers a favorable business environment, encouraging more and more companies to have their base here. 

With many notable software development programs offered by the University of Utah and other institutions in the region, the availability of tech talent is high. Top software development companies in Utah will find the overall facilities offered by the state favorable for their growth.


Utah is a prime location for software development in 2024 for many reasons. The high concentration of tech companies in the state, tax incentives, and a high number of STEM graduates here provide a favorable climate for top software development companies in Utah.

 A large number of Fortune 500 companies and the presence of tech majors like Microsoft, Facebook, and Adobe in the region make it a hotbed for startups and medium-sized businesses. 

A conducive regulatory environment, high job growth, and low employment rates are key attractions of the state, with a cost of living that is lower than other tech-focused states in the country like California, New York, etc. 

Utah offers a financially lucrative opportunity for software development companies. Top software development companies in Utah will find that the state strives to meet all their needs, from a flourishing economy and low living costs to good transport and education systems that make it an ideal destination for tech workers.