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Last updated: June 2024

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Top web development companies in Dubai use technologies like Node.js, Python, React, Angular, Django, PHP, and more. Progressive web apps, single-page applications, serverless architecture, cybersecurity, and artificial intelligence are the current trends seen in the sector in 2024.

To select the best web development company in Dubai, it is vital to look into factors like the experience and reputation of the company and its collaborative skills. The company should offer diversified services that include current trends in web development.

The average cost of building a custom website can range from AED 5000 to AED 50,000+. Factors like the type of website, complexity, and the features needed can influence the price. Small business websites cost around AED 2000, while the cost can go up to AED 80,000 for building complicated websites. 

Dubai offers many tax incentives for startups. It has minimal taxation laws that include no corporate or personal income taxes, which helps the companies looking to venture into business here to save money on taxes. Tax-free trade zones like Dubai Silicon Oasis and Dubai Internet City further encourage web development startups. 

Yes, top web development companies in Dubai offer post-launch support and maintenance to ensure the site's continuous and smooth functioning. The support includes checking the functionality, security, and user experience.

The turnaround time for website development is based on the type of website. The minimum time for a basic website is two to four weeks. For small business websites and e-commerce sites, the time taken is one to three months. For a custom website, the time taken is two to three months.

Yes, Dubai offers plenty of choices for web development companies. It is one of the top cities offering remote web developers. Hiring remote talent allows businesses to assemble teams quickly with the right skills needed for efficient and effective project completion.

The location of a web development company is one of the vital factors that decide its success. The project cost can be high for the best web development companies in Dubai, which is known for its high cost of living. Web developers charge more to compensate for the high living expenses.

Buyer's guide

Dubai is a city reputed for its economic resilience and strong growth potential. The economic environment is filled with wide diversification, including tech-driven communications networks, tourism hubs, and more. 

In 2023, the information and communication sector registered a 4.4% increase, which reveals the commitment of the government to embrace cutting-edge technologies and nurture a flourishing knowledge economy. The government's digital-driven approach has fostered the growth of web development in the region. 

Demand for websites with exceptional designs has grown because of the government's paperless initiative. Here is more information about the web development industry in Dubai and how businesses can benefit from using a top web development company in Dubai to drive business growth.

10 Key Statistics of the Web Development Industry in Dubai

A stable and growing economy is vital for any industry to flourish in a region. The thriving economy of Dubai is one of the various factors that have led to a fast-growing web development sector here. Some key stats about the web development industry are listed below:

  • Dubai's GDP (Gross Domestic Product) growth increased by 3.3% in the initial nine months of 2023, revealing the region's strong and growing economy. Transportation and storage services increased by 10.9%, while food services and accommodation registered a 11.1% increase.
  • As per the Global Financial Centers Index, Dubai ranks number 8 among the top 10 financial centers.
  • Dubai ranks first globally in attracting investments in technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics.
  • The E-Commerce market in UAE is the 45th largest market, with predicted revenue of USD 8 billion in sales by 2025.
  • The eCommerce market's compound annual growth rate (CAGR) from 2024-2028 is expected to be 8.7%, with a projected market volume of USD 9,378.6 million by 2028.
  • Businesses in UAE must pay a 9% tax from July 2023, before which they are exempt from paying taxes. The government levies taxes (50 -100%) only for businesses dealing with products that the government considers harmful, such as tobacco, soda, energy drinks, and sugar-loaded products. 
  • The UAE government has set up many free trade zones like Dubai Internet City and Dubai Silicon Oasis that allow firms to import and export with 100% tax exemptions, and they are allowed 100% repatriation of capital and profits. There are corporate tax exemptions for 50 years on a renewable basis.
  • Microsoft, Oracle, and Amazon Web Services opened their cloud regions in Dubai in 2019, 2021, and 2022, respectively. The UAE data center market is projected to grow at a rate of 3.43% from 2022 to 2027. 
  • The prevalence of AR and VR technologies is predicted to be over 50% in the UAE and Qatar by 2027.
  • The share of the population with access to the internet in the UAE stands at 98% and is predicted to remain so up to 2029. Due to the high penetration rate globally, the demand for digital services, e-commerce, app development, gaming, etc., is continually rising.

Top 3 Trends in Dubai Web Development for 2024 

The government of Dubai aims to digitalize each aspect of life for the residents, citizens, and visitors of Dubai. To support this endeavor, it has encouraged innovative trends in web development that can help in a seamless and convenient integration of business processes. Here are the top 3 trends used by Dubai's best web development companies in 2024.

Trend #1: Integration of AI (Artificial Intelligence), VR (Virtual Reality), and Blockchain technologies

Artificial intelligence technology enables establishments in Dubai to use state-of-the-art solutions that make web development projects easier, more effective, and more efficient. With machine learning technology, businesses integrate artificial intelligence, which helps improve business processes and maximizes returns. 

The government also uses artificial intelligence to enhance user experience. AI and virtual reality technologies boost life quality, happiness levels, and visitor satisfaction. Blockchain technology provides enhanced security and transparency, preventing data breaches and fraud. 

Trend #2: Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)

Progressive web apps use modern web APIs and best practices to help meet customer needs. Faster loading time, reliability, ease of use, and effective user engagement are benefits of PWAs. 

As part of the government's digital initiatives, such as the paperless strategy, integrating frameworks helps with easy accessibility. It saves time, environment, and resources. Users can spend more time on a website, and websites can reduce bounce rates and improve their conversion rates. 

With the prevalence of smartphone usage, PWAs offer several benefits to users, like:

  1. Saving device storage space
  2. Accessibility via search engines without having to search in the app store
  3. Easy download and installation process.

Trend #3: Cybersecurity

The United Arab Emirates Cyber Security Council, formed in 2022, has prioritized the use of cybersecurity measures in the country. Some of the cybersecurity technologies used in the UAE prevalently include threat modeling, predictive analysis, and scenario building. 

The cybersecurity market size in the country is estimated to be USD 0.59 billion in 2024 and is predicted to reach USD 1.07 billion by 2029. Many of the best web development companies in Dubai focus specifically on cybersecurity to ensure the online presence of their clients is well-protected.

Rapid digitalization has put many connected devices at risk from cyberattacks. The country witnessed over 250% increase in cyberattacks during the pandemic, with phishing and ransomware attacks being the most common.

36% of respondents in a study by PWC in the UAE make smart cybersecurity decisions, and 41% prioritize cyber risk quantification. Nearly half of the respondents in the UAE use real-time video of important cybersecurity controls.

What Are The 5 Most Popular Technologies And Frameworks Used By Web Developers Based In Dubai? 

Dubai leads the web development industry as an important hub of technology and innovation in the Middle East region. Its location and favorable business environment have helped to create a robust tech ecosystem. Some of the popular technologies that top web development companies in Dubai use are:

Angular Framework

Angular is a front-end open-source framework that focuses on single-page web apps. It is also a back-end framework. 

Top web development companies in Dubai prefer using Angular as it helps in building complex and highly secure apps. Typescript, HTML code, and dynamic data for web app development are the key features of Angular. 

  • Date Founded (Developed): 2010
  • Creator(s): Angular (the first version named AngularJS) was created by Misko Hevery and Adam Abrons in 2009. It was later developed by Google and renamed as Angular.
  • Paid/Free: Free


Web development companies in Dubai use Django as it offers a hassle-free web development process. It is quick and uses less code. 

Further, Django is an open-source framework based on Python and is free to use. Other crucial features that tip the scales in favor of this technology are its superior security features and ability to scale quickly and flexibly. It is an ideal framework for small and medium businesses due to its time-efficient and cost-effective prototype.

  • Date Founded (Developed): 2003
  • Creator(s): Adrian Holovaty, Simon Willison
  • Paid/Free: Free


Node.js is a cross-platform framework that helps in building scalable web applications. It is a preferred choice by top web development companies in Dubai. Built on the JavaScript engine of Chrome, this framework is used primarily for back-end development.

It's reusable code and seamless transition between platforms make it an ideal choice for front-end and back-end development. Node.js allows easy integration of third-party frameworks, tools, and libraries.

  • Date Founded (Developed): 2009
  • Creator(s): Ryan Dahl
  • Paid/Free: Free 


Python is a back-end framework that developers favor because of its use in scripting, creating data sets, and web scraping. Since it is a web programming language, sending or receiving web requests and accessing databases is easy. 

Python is a widely used high-level and object-oriented programming language. Top web development companies in Dubai favor using Python as it is easy to learn and apply in many industries.

  • Date Founded (Developed): 1991
  • Creator(s): Guido Van Rossum
  • Paid/Free: Free


React allows efficient user interface development from individual components. A developer can blend components like video, like-button, and thumbnails to create entire web pages, apps, or screens. 

React is a front-end framework that offers an HTML coding callback feature. Another reason for its popularity is that it allows the inclusion of new features without changing the existing code.

  • Date Founded (Developed): Was first released in 2013
  • Creator(s): Jordan Walke is the original author. Meta and a community of individual developers and companies maintain it.
  • Paid/Free: Free 

Top 3 Universities and Bootcamps Offering Web Development Courses in Dubai 

The digitalization of the UAE has led to an increase in the demand for tech skills among students in the country, including Dubai. As a result, many boot camps are available for students to choose from. Additionally, many universities also offer courses in coding and other software-related courses. Here are the top 3 universities and boot camps offering Dubai web development courses.

Heriot-Watt University, Dubai

Heriot-Watt University was the first mechanics institute in the world when it was founded in 1821 and was granted University status by Royal Charter in 1966. The university now offers courses in artificial intelligence, computing, and information technology that last for one year. All software-related courses aim to enhance the skills and understanding of software at an advanced level that is on par with professional standards. 

  • Date Founded: 1821(The Dubai campus opened in 2005)
  • Number of Faculties: 7
  • Cost of Education: AED 67,704

Zayed University

Zayed University ranks number 1 of 36 universities in Dubai and 4 of 66 in the UAE. It is a non-profit organization with a public-private partnership. The information technology division offers computer science, information management, information technology, and information sciences programs.

  • Date Founded: 1998
  • Number of Faculties: 2
  • Cost of Education: AED 105,000 for a Bachelor of Science in Computing and Information Science

American University in Dubai

American University in Dubai is licensed by the UAE Ministry of Education. It has accredited undergraduate and graduate programs in Biology, Engineering, Psychology, Architecture, International Affairs, and more. The computer science program consists of 137 credit-hours programs, of which computer engineering electives comprise 15-18 hours.

  • Date Founded: 1995
  • Number of Faculties: 6
  • Cost of Education: $20,000 - $25000

AstroLabs Academy

AstroLabs offers a two-month coding boot camp created by professionals and aims to fill the knowledge gap in tech professionals. Courses are conducted on nights and weekends. The boot camp offers a full-stack JavaScript course, including Domains, hosting, basic JavaScript algorithms, CSS, HTML, WordPress, Node JS, React JS, Mongoose, MongoDB, and Git.

  • Date Founded: 2013
  • Cost of Education: AED 4,999 – AED 9,999

Le Wagon

Le Wagon offers diverse boot camps in Dubai, including data science, data analytics, and software engineering. The company has 40 locations worldwide and 1,500 tech experts and professionals as part of the faculty. Web development courses here include UI design, front-end and back-end development, full-stack development, and more. Courses are provided in person and online. The full-time web development course is nine weeks.

  • Date founded: 2013
  • Cost of education: $7000(Price may vary based on the location)

Data Science Dojo

Data Science Dojo offers online and in-person boot camps in machine learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Data Science. The curriculum includes training in R-programming, AWS, and Azure tools. The in-person course is completed in five days, while the online course lasts 14 weeks. 

  • Date Founded: 2013
  • Cost of Education: $2799 - $3499

Average Salaries for Web Developers In Dubai  

Due to globalization, businesses must have an online presence that web developers enable. Top web development companies in Dubai meet the demand for web development admirably. Web developer jobs are therefore in high demand, and companies pay good salaries for the web developers. 

The salary for web developers is based on many factors, such as their skills and experience. On average, a web developer in Dubai earns AED 3,948 per month, and the general range is from AED 3,600 to AED 8,000. Web developers with 1 to 5 years of experience earn around AED 5,000, while developers with 6 to 10 years of experience can earn a salary of AED 8,000. 

The salaries of web developers vary based on the location. For instance, a developer in Abu Dhabi can earn 3,304 AED per month, while the pay is higher for those working in Dubai Silicon Oasis (3.978 AED per month). Cities like Al Barsh pay a lower salary of 3,089 AED per month, while Sharjah-based developers get to earn 3,699 AED per month.

The skills of a developer play a critical role in their acceptance by the top web development companies in Dubai. For instance, an individual with a diploma and certification in web development can earn AED 95,700 annually, while a Bachelor's and a Master's degree can help developers earn 120,000 AED per year and 200,000 AED per year.

The skills that offer the highest remuneration for developers include full-stack development, Cloud architecture, Data Science, Machine learning, DevOps engineering, IT, and AI Engineering.  

Differences in salary are also present based on the individual's professional role. For instance, a web developer can earn AED 5,000, but the pay is higher for roles like Software engineer, developer, and software developer.

Mandatory benefits for employees in Dubai include retirement, medical care, unemployment, maternity, wage requirements, and work-injury/disability benefits. Employees in Dubai are eligible for 90 days of sick leave annually. 

Employees also have eight days of paid public holidays and up to 30 days of paid annual vacation. Employees also have health coverage that includes vision, dental, physical therapy, and more and can cover 3 to 4 dependents of the employee. Due to the high salaries and benefits like paid vacations, sick leave allowance, and insurance coverage, job satisfaction is higher among web developers in Dubai.

Cost Of Living And How The Cost Of Living In Dubai Affects Salaries And Project Costs

Of the various cities in the UAE, Dubai is the most expensive city with high living standards. On average, the monthly expenses of a single person are AED 3,700 without considering the rental charges. For families, the cost would be around AED 13,000. In contrast, Abu Dhabi will cost less, with around AED 3,300.

Buying a property in Dubai will cost around AED 13,000 per square meter. However, the cost is more affordable in the outer city region, around AED 8,000 per square meter. 

Rental properties cost around AED 10,450. Comparatively, the rent is 11% cheaper in Abu Dhabi, costing around AED 11,300. Utilities in Dubai cost around AED 1,100 per month and include heating, electricity, garbage collection, water supply, and cooling.

Food expenses are also higher in Dubai than in other cities like Abu Dhabi and Sharjah. An average basket of food containing rice, white bread, milk, eggs, chicken filets, and apples will cost AED 71, while dining out in Dubai will cost AED 300. 

Healthcare is given as a paid service, and all nationals of the UAE should have private medical insurance. Employees in Dubai are given medical care. Abu Dhabi provides medical coverage for the employee and four dependents.

In short, of the various top-tier cities in the UAE, Dubai is the most expensive city in the country, costing about AED 4,000 without rent. Comparatively, Umm Al Quwain, Ras-al-Khaimah, and Ajman cost 30% less. However, compared to cities like New York, Dubai is 50% cheaper and 30% cheaper than London.

Why Do You Have To Choose Dubai-Based Web Developers For Your Project?

Dubai is a dynamic marketplace with a diversified economy that includes retail, finance, insurance, manufacturing, real estate, and much more. Dubai ranked first worldwide in attracting FDI between 2015 and 2018 for its artificial intelligence and robotics sector. The top-quality talent pool, technical expertise, and constant innovation initiatives by the government have made it a technologically advanced city. 

Many universities and boot camps offer courses in web development in Dubai to meet the growing demand among businesses for digitalization. Dubai's strategic location, which connects the West and the East, and its robust infrastructure offer businesses the right impetus to expand to new markets and scale their operations. The government initiatives towards making the city a tech powerhouse make it an ideal environment for top web development companies in Dubai in 2024.


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