Top 100+ Shopify Developers in 2024

Shopify is the leading eCommerce platform for entrepreneurs to create their own online stores. We created a list of Shopify developers to help you find a reliable company to launch your own online store without any hassle and high financial costs.
Last updated: February 2024

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The idea of making money while you sleep has never been truer than it is today. There are many avenues to generate revenue online, voice commerce, headless commerce, and augmented reality experiences. But today we are going to focus on a strategy known to many, eCommerce. In the world of eCommerce, they’re many platforms to use for your business, websites like WooCommerce, and BigCommerce to name a few. But none of them holds a candle to Shopify.

Shopify developers can create all the features you’ll need and then some! Website building, payment gateways, shipping, inventory, major app development to name a few. It’s been touted as the most preferred platform for opening your online store, from the quality, and efficiency of the products to the simplistic design, this is where you should start.

Now that you have chosen Shopify developers to open your online store, you ask yourself, where do I start? Below we are going to answer some of the most common questions for those entrepreneurs who are looking for a Shopify development company to help set up, design, and manage your store.

What is Shopify development?

Shopify development is a system created to give new store owners a way to seek help when first starting out. I mentioned above how great Shopify is with its ease of use compared to its competitors. With that being said, if you have never used Shopify before, and were looking to hit the ground running for your new online store, Shopify developers are just what you need.

Going into further detail, Shopify developers specialize in the growth of your online store and possess a full understanding of how Shopify development services work. Specifically in the following areas: Website Creation and Design, Domain Registration, Site Navigation, Inventory Management systems, Payment Gateways, and most importantly Checkout Operation. Shopify development is all about setting the client up for success, by creating a fully functioning online store (to your specifications) and then handing it off to you.

Once your online store has been built and transferred by Shopify developers, you will be sent instructions via email to create a new customer account and select a Shopify plan. Your store will stay paused until you accept the transfer. When that process has been completed a collaborator account will automatically be created and the developer who built your store will start receiving the monthly revenue from Shopify based on the plan you’ve picked.

How much does a Shopify developer cost?

How does that old saying go? You get what you pay for, especially with online marketing. Finding trustworthy Shopify developers to take on your project can be tough, but not impossible. One thing to consider is, what are your goals? Do you need a front-end developer? (Someone who works on the website design) or a back-end developer? (Someone who fixes bugs, sets up integrations, etc.). Maybe both? Let’s break this down. You can expect anywhere from $500-$1000 if you need some help with the graphical feel of your store. Front-end developers generally cost less than back-end developers. With a back-end dev, you can expect to pay $1000-$1500 for bug and performance fixes.

Now these prices are based on you already having a store setup and needing some help from Shopify developers. For those of you that don’t and are looking to have a fully built Shopify store you can expect pricing to start between $2000 to over $10,000! These are big numbers and I’m sure your next question is, what makes a project cost so much? Here are some things to contemplate: are you asking for a site with over 500 products with specific landing pages for collections, app integrations, social media integrations, ad integrations, and custom website code? Then expect the price to be much higher than a small store with 10 products that is just looking for a basic setup.

Big picture: starting a business is a huge undertaking, and finding the right Shopify development services is crucial to your success. Paying a buddy “who knows Shopify” $100 to put together an online store won’t have the same effect as hiring an expert developer who knows what it takes to generate revenue.

How to Choose a Shopify Developer or company?

So now that we’ve gone over what Shopify development is, and how much hiring a Shopify developer will cost, it’s time to turn your attention to finding the right person, or Shopify development agency to complete your project. The very first thing you should look for is the level of expertise the person or business is claiming. It’s important to ask to view their portfolio and projects similar to what you’re looking for.

If Shopify developers are able to provide their portfolio, make sure you ask questions about the sites they have built. Do a quick Google search of the projects to see their ranking, click into different pages, explore the website to check for any bugs or mistakes that may raise the red flag. This is your business we are discussing after all. You cannot overlook this first part, if you don’t thoroughly do your due diligence the rest of your buying experience may not go as planned.

The next thing you want to look at is clear and consistent pricing. Most Shopify development agencies or freelance developers will not have their prices posted on a website. Their goal is to have a conversation on the phone or Zoom call to get a better understanding of what you need and how they can best serve you. If during that call you’re able to present the project, and they struggle to give you concise pricing just think of the customer support you’ll receive from this company when they can’t give you a firm price on your build-out.

Finally, as I mentioned above, the last thing you should be reviewing is the type of support Shopify developers offer. An expert’s job to guide you in the right direction, that means being honest and giving you the best advice, things like, which features bring value vs ones that are just a waste of time and money, which tools you should be using and why, and which apps make the most cents (See what I did there) for your store. If during your call with a potential agency, the expert on the other end never tries to give reasoning behind their best practices, that’s usually a red flag.

To recap, make sure you focus on these three things: Expertise, pricing, and support when choosing the right Shopify developer or agency to work on, or built your dream online store.

10 Questions to Ask Shopify Agencies

Now that we have covered some of the major topics that surround what Shopify development is, and how hiring a professional can assist with building your store, here are 10 additional questions you should be asking Shopify agencies.

Are you a freelancer or is this an agency?

Reading through this article you may be torn between choosing a team of expert Shopify experts at an agency, or a freelancing developer who can perform very specific tasks. Choose what fits your situation best, need an end-to-end solution? Agency, need to setup some apps? Freelancer.

How many years of experience do you have with Shopify development?

This is often overlooked when searching for different professionals. A key indicator to look at is price. Most Shopify developers who are starting out will charge 30-50 percent less than those who have more experience.

What is your understanding of SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an entire industry on its own. However, having basic SEO knowledge is key to increasing your Google visibility and improving your rank position. Terms like Title tags, H1 Tags, Meta descriptions should all be familiar with the expert.

What is your experience with mobile?

This one is simple, mobile traffic is king. Everyone has a mobile device with the ability to purchase products. Having experience creating a responsive mobile-friendly webpage should be an automatic yes. That means finding, integrating, and fixing any apps that may cause mobile issues.

Have you worked on my current/desired Shopify theme?

Shopify’s library of themes is in the hundreds, not to mention the paid themes from other developers. If you’re after a specific theme that has unique features, make sure to ask if they have worked on this before.

Do you offer complimentary bug fixes, and minor updates?

No matter how much we follow best practices, sometimes things break. Asking about a warranty for bug fixes or free help with minor updates is valuable information. Support after the product has been delivered is just as necessary as the creation.

Hidden fees?

Preying on entrepreneurs that are starting out with Shopify is just plain wrong. Always ask about hidden fees, or a change of price when it's time to sign the contract. Often, you’ll see a price start at a certain amount at the beginning of the engagement then jump up when you see the bill.

Do you have an ASAP or Rush option?

This usually applies to projects that need to be completed yesterday, this does not apply to everyone. However even if it doesn’t apply to yours right now, it may in the future. Having a Shopify developer that you can count on during crunch time is vital.

If I’m not happy with the product, do you provide satisfaction or a money-back guarantee?

Things don’t always work out and that’s okay. You’re about to spend a good amount of money for an expert and having peace of mind knowing there is a satisfaction or money-back guarantee is priceless.

I can’t afford the entire package right now; do you offer smaller deliverables at a lower price?

Paying over $2000 on anything is tough for most people. Sometimes it’s better to ask for a part of the project, like domain and website setup, at a fraction of the price, to help with expenses. You can also look at this from a trial perspective and evaluate your future partner(s).

Deciding to take a leap of faith and follow your dreams can be scary, especially in eCommerce. But in this article, we wrote about what Shopify development is, how much you can expect to pay for an expert to setup your site, how to choose your Shopify developers or agency and 10 questions to ask when seeking potential prospects.