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Last updated: March 2024

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Classpass engaged the service of Vention, a San Francisco-based tech firm, to develop feature-rich mobile solutions. BerriesDev, another top company, has helped Rolls-Royce develop mobile and web solutions.

San Francisco employs the most software developers compared to other cities and accounts for more than half of all tech employment in the U.S. 

The best software development companies in San Francisco in 2024 use cutting-edge technologies, such as Express, Flutter, React, TensorFlow, and more.

Choosing the right software development company is determined by the project complexities and expertise needed. 

The cost of developing software in San Francisco can range from $50,000 to $1,000,000.

Some of these incentives range from tax credits to covering hiring costs for the first three months. The Mayor of San Francisco has promised over $ 1 million in tax incentives for startups for up to 3 years.

The time it takes to develop software in San Francisco depends on the complexity of the project. It can range anywhere from 500 hours to 1200 hours.

Top software development companies in San Francisco support and maintain after launch. They add new features, remove bugs, and update the software to improve performance.

The cost of living in San Francisco is 79% higher than the national average. Companies spend more on developer salaries, office rent, and overheads.

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San Francisco has established itself as a prime center for innovation and technological growth. This city is home to over 300 IT companies, including industry big players like Uber, Meta, and Salesforce. 

A meeting point for tech and creativity, San Francisco boasts a thriving ecosystem for tech talents. Software development hubs, venture capital firms, and research institutes spread across the city attract the brightest minds.

Software development will continually have an impact on digital transformation. It stimulates innovation from one sector to another across all levels. To stay relevant and have a competitive edge, companies must remain flexible in adopting digital technologies.

Why is San Francisco a major player in the development of emerging trends and markets? Here is more insight into top software development companies in San Francisco in 2024 leading innovation.

Major Software Development Hubs in San Francisco

In addition to hosting tech giants, San Francisco is also home to smaller companies. People looking to work for major and mid-tech companies or local startups or start their companies relocate here. 

These companies and enterprises strengthen the city's reputation as the tech hub throne. Below are the major tech hubs in San Francisco:

1. Silicon Valley

Located in the San Francisco Bay Area, Silicon Valley accounts for more than one-third of venture capital investments in the nation. Today, it hosts over thirty of the Fortune 1000 companies. Big industry names like Apple, Meta, IBM, and Oracle have offices in the Valley. 

Some of the best software development companies in San Francisco in 2024 will most likely come from here. Silicon Valley is more than a geographic region. It is a unification of ideas, entrepreneurial spirit, and technological prowess.

2. Oakland

Oakland is on the east side of the San Francisco Bay. Gradually rising as a major tech hub in the world, it is making a name for itself in the IT industry. From music streaming sites and data transmission to green tech companies, Oakland is transforming into a haven for tech enthusiasts. 

Companies like VSCO, a digital media enterprise, started operations in 2011 and still has its headquarters thriving in Oakland. Mosaic, Pandora, Productboard, and Rockbot are other top tech companies operating in Oakland.

3. San Jose

San Jose isn't known only for its beautiful weather; it also ranks as a major hub shaking up the tech community. Generally considered as part of Silicon Valley, it deserves an honorable mention. This South Bay city hosts strong tech companies, most of which have been in the area for decades. 

San Jose peaks with creative tech minds, and it is home to over 6000 tech companies. Some of the popular ones are PayPal, eBay, Netflix, and Cisco. The companies planted in this area have flourished in their specific industries, from fintech companies to e-commerce enterprises.

4. Menlo Park

A city on the western shore of San Francisco Bay, Menlo Park is the home of Facebook. The social networking giant shifted its corporate headquarters from Palo Alto to Menlo Park in 2011. There's more to this city than its social network status. Menlo Park hosts other big tech companies, including Quicken, E-Trade, and Intuit.   

5. Mountain View

Mountain View is a city on the southeastern and southwestern shore of San Francisco Bay. Although designated for its view of the stunning Santa Cruz Mountains, it is a hub of technical inspiration. 

Mountain View is considered a software engineer's dream town with amenities like Bitcoin ATMs, co-working spaces offering free WiFi, parks, and shoreline pathways. 

This city is home to top software and technology companies, and it played an integral role in the growth of Silicon Valley. Mountain View is the location for prominent tech companies, including Google and Mozilla. 

Market Overview

Software development plays a pivotal role in everything, from building websites with zero coding skills to employing algorithms in decision-making. The ever-evolving software development landscape involves research, ideation, implementation, and testing processes.

As the demand for technology progresses, developers seek ways to meet the market's appetite for innovation. Some of the trends top software development companies in San Francisco use to achieve better results are as follows:

Cloud Computing

The best software development companies in San Francisco utilize cloud computing. Cloud services enable businesses to switch their operations to virtual servers, eliminating the need for on-premises hardware. 

Cloud computing is essential because it allows businesses to provide services quickly without manual configuration. At this point, all global firms, including government institutes, are transitioning to the cloud. The leading cloud service providers today are Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, and Alibaba Cloud.

A Surge in Augmented and Virtual Realities

Augmented, virtual, and mixed realities have significantly become popular in the software engineering field. Many industries, including healthcare, finance, and education, are adopting solutions provided by this ecosystem.

Moreover, the gaming industry is leveraging augmented reality to create fun and interactive user experiences. Snapchat and Pokemon Go are popular examples of companies leveraging AR technology. Statista predicts the augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and mixed reality (MR) market will reach over 100 billion dollars by 2026.

Low Code/ No Code Software Development

The low code/ no code software development concept is one of the quick-growing trends in the industry. It aims to empower people with little technical knowledge to develop apps and websites for their businesses. 

Low-code solutions aid businesses and individuals to innovate dramatically in little time. No code software development is not a new trend. Services like Wix help people build websites using drag-and-drop design features.

Microservices Architecture 

Technavio predicts that the cloud microservices market will accelerate at a CAGR of 25% through 2026. Microservices presents a new method to the software development process. The old approach, monolithic architecture, involves coupling an application and running it as a single service. 

In microservices, developers break down a complex application into smaller independent services. This new structure makes developing, deploying, and scaling applications easier.

Evolution of Artificial Intelligence

San Francisco has stepped into cutting-edge tech niches like AI and machine learning over the past few years. A significant progress in the AI sector is the adoption of software development using OpenAI or generative AI. Trending software like the Open AI Chat GPT makes developing software more efficient for experienced developers and accessible for people with limited coding experience.

Whether people realize it or not, every industry utilizes some form of AI and machine learning. Away from Open AI, businesses are employing AI to revolutionize their business process. Companies are adopting AI to improve customer experience, automate processes, and streamline decision-making.

Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)

Mobile phone users want to have a reliable app experience, but without downloading the app. Google discovered that 50 percent of smartphone users will more likely use a company's mobile site instead of downloading an app. This insight into customer behavior made companies prioritize progressive web apps.

Progressive web apps offer users the best of both worlds by combining the standard website and convenience provided by apps. Unlike native apps, the user does not download a progressive web app. They only have to save them to their home screens. Interestingly, PWAs cache user data, so they are available offline. 

San Francisco has led for the 10th consecutive year as the region with the largest talent pool, per CBRE's Tech Talent report. This statistic also shows it has the highest number of jobs in the US market. 

Additionally, this city employs the most tech roles when compared to other markets. The region added 75,020 new tech roles between 2017 and 2022, bringing about a twenty-three percent increase in the market.

In San Francisco, programmers and software developers account for more than half of all tech employment. The San Francisco Bay Area employed 76.6 percent of the region's software developers, the highest in the United States as of 2021.

Technical Expertise of San Francisco-based Based Developers

Different frameworks and technologies are available in software development, each with its advantages and disadvantages. Some popular technologies include programming languages like JavaScript and Python, MySQL, MongoDB, and frameworks like Django, Vue, and React. 

The technology a company employs depends largely on the product, industry, and specific company needs. Here are some common ones top software development companies in San Francisco use:


DevOps is a portmanteau coined from a combination of software development and operations. It is an approach that facilitates rapid and reliable product deployment. With DevOps, software engineers innovate faster through the automation of manual tasks. 

Top software development brands adopt DevOps principles to improve code quality, foster effective communication, and reduce release time. Common DevOps tools include Jenkins, GitHub Actions, Docker, and Kubernetes.

Big Data

Top software companies use big data to forestall customer choices. They gather data from the web, social media, and other sources to build predictive models for new products. Big data helps companies assess if they are on the right track by studying trends to discover customers' demands. Two popular big data technologies are Apache Hadoop and Apache Stark.

Edge Computing

Edge computing is a distributed IT architecture focused on bringing computing and data storage close to data sources to reduce latency. The main goal is to run workloads closer to the end-user or device. It enables businesses to bypass cloud and local data centers and process data in real-time or close. 

Companies utilize edge computing to improve response time and perform real-time analysis from device data. Enterprises often set up edge computing in remote areas with scarce internet connection.


Blockchain is a database mechanism that allows users to record transactions, share information securely, and track assets in a business network. A common application of blockchain technology is in cryptocurrencies. Blockchain technology gained admiration due to its high level of transparency and security. Every industry, particularly finance and banking, is integrating blockchain into their software for transactions.

Some of the popular libraries and frameworks software engineers in San Francisco use are:

  • .NET core: Microsoft's .NET core is a free and open-source framework that allows software developers to build cloud-based web applications, such as IoT apps. It is a cross-platform network that runs on Linux, Windows, and macOS. The main goal of the .NET core is to improve Microsoft's .NET framework, which runs on only the Windows operating system.
  • TensorFlow: TensorFlow enjoys incredible popularity due to the rise of artificial intelligence. It is an end-to-end open-source library for machine learning and the most popular tool among machine learning engineers. TensorFlow provides software developers with a rich system for running all deep learning and machine learning aspects.
  • Flutter: Google introduced this open-source software development kit for developing mobile applications. It enables developers to build high-performance applications with rich user interfaces. Flutter is cross-platform and allows software engineers to build for iOS and Android at the same time. 
  • Express: Express is a Node.js framework that helps software developers build APIs and web applications. It is minimal and flexible and provides developers with robust features. This backend framework is un-opinionated and gives developers control over their applications.
  • ReactJS: This JavaScript library is gaining popularity due to its component-based architecture. It allows developers to create reusable components when building User Interfaces (UI). Developed by Facebook, ReactJS is the go-to library for web development among JavaScript developers.
  • NodeJS: NodeJS is an open-source library for developing the server side of web applications. NodeJS is cross-platform and can run on Windows, macOS, and Linux. A recent study by Statista showed it is the most used framework among developers globally.

Case studies showcasing successful software projects

San Francisco has a history of nurturing technological innovation and talents. The top software development companies in San Francisco have the best talents working on projects that revolutionize every aspect of modern life. From iconic tech giants striving for groundbreaking innovation to startups seeking to make a mark, the city has an abundance of successful projects.

Top software development companies in San Francisco that have made a tremendous impact include Airbnb, Salesforce, IBM, Uber, and many more. Aside from the influential tech companies making waves, there is also a wealth of success stories.

Enterprises like Intellectsoft are serving San Francisco with bespoke digital solutions, from web development and QA testing to IT consulting. They help global brands, startups, and Fortune 500 companies launch and grow their businesses with custom solutions. This company has earned the trust of hundreds of businesses by providing them with tailored IT solutions.

Furthermore, Instacart is another San Francisco company that has an impact on the city and beyond. Y Combinator named it one of the fastest-growing companies in e-commerce. Today, Instacart delivers from over 25,000 stores in North America and is accessible to more than 85 percent of families in the US.

Education and Talent Pool

San Francisco is the epicenter of the tech industry for many reasons, the top of which is its education and talent pool. Plenty of universities and colleges in the Bay Area offer software engineering courses, attracting young people who want to focus on their tech skills.

Here are some of the tech-focused universities in San Francisco:

  • Stanford University
  • San Francisco State University
  • San Jose State University
  • California State University – East Bay
  • International Technological University, San Jose
  • City College of San Francisco
  • University of San Francisco
  • Golden Gate University
  • University of California, Berkely

Top coding boot camps in San Francisco include:

  • App Academy software engineering bootcamp
  • The Flatiron School of Software Engineering
  • Coding Dojo Onsite Coding Bootcamp
  • General Assembly Software Engineering Bootcamp
  • Hackbright Academy Coding Bootcamp
  • Berkeley Coding Boot Camps

Availability of Skilled Software Developers

San Francisco draws the best software engineering talent from all over the world. Young professionals who want to work in tech head to the Bay Area after graduation. This city's high number of software engineering colleges also produces skilled developers.

Top software development companies in San Francisco and outside seek talents in the city due to the availability of young, intelligent engineers. A 2023 Silicon Valley report showed there are 478k software developers in the San Francisco Bay Area. This report covered engineers in San Francisco, Santa Clara, Alameda, San Jose, Contra Costa, and San Mateo counties.

Despite the layoffs happening in tech, San Francisco continues to be a fountain of well-paying tech jobs. Data shows that the surge in tech hiring is a result of the artificial intelligence boom. AI companies like OpenAI of ChatGPT and Anthropic are both in San Francisco.

Salaries and Compensation

The salaries and compensation for software engineers in San Francisco vary based on skills, experience, and size of the company. BuiltIn's statistics show that the average salary for software engineers in the San Francisco Bay Area is $166,831. On the other hand, the average total compensation is $197,538.

Another insight from Hackernoon showed the average salary for software developers in San Francisco is $165,042, while the average total compensation is $265,050. Compared to other cities, the average developer salary is $148,636 in Seattle, $158,319 in Foster City, and $156,248 in Redwood City.

Cost of Living in San Francisco

The cost of living is 79 percent higher than the national average in San Francisco. For developers looking to work for top software development companies in San Francisco, housing is the most substantial expense. The average monthly rent in the city is $3,267.

A 2023 press release by the Cost of Living Index (COLI) ranked San Francisco as the 4th most expensive among the 274 urban areas that participated. It is also one of the top most expensive cities in the world, per a 2023 survey by the Economist Intelligence Unit.

Organizations and top software development companies in San Francisco pay high salaries to make up for the high cost of living. In addition, anyone buying or renting a home in the city needs a big bank account. This daunting housing cost affects projects that require physical locations.

Why Choose San Francisco for Software Development?

San Francisco witnessed the birth of big tech companies like Apple and Facebook. In addition, it is the major headquarters for grand companies like Lyft and Salesforce and home to different startups. 

Top software development companies in San Francisco find it the right place for technological innovation and growth. Moreover, San Francisco prides itself on the most vibrant ecosystem of tech incubators and venture capitalists. The city is a magnet for investors, skilled tech professionals, and thriving startups.

Final thoughts on why San Francisco is a prime location for software development in 2024

San Francisco is a prime region for software developers looking to thrive in their careers. It has maintained its position as a big player in the tech industry for years. 

San Francisco is every software engineer's dream city for many reasons, including proximity to Silicon Valley, major tech companies, and local startups. It also has fantastic colleges and universities for people interested in software engineering degrees.

Major tech companies and startups hire recent graduates and young professionals in San Francisco. There are plenty of growth opportunities and a community of tech-savvy individuals for software developers. Top software development companies in San Francisco also enjoy a tax break that allows their businesses to flourish.