A company must be productive, proficient, and active to be successful. It should manage internal procedures well, including its employees. With a staff that delivers high performance, a firm can maximize profitability and attain its real potential.

Low productivity affects a company’s overall performance and negatively impacts the bottom line. Issues with workflow and bad decisions can lower employee morale. Progress of projects gets stalled. The impact of low productivity creates a domino effect resulting in missed deadlines, attrition, and growth stagnation.

Fortunately, productivity tools can help. 75% of global organizations find the tools useful, and 55% of retailers believe the tools can positively impact productivity.

Here come performance or workforce management systems. This has become an integral part of every organization, including top software development companies, owing to many factors. Some of these include geographically-distributed and varied workforce, rising pro-union sentiment, increasing staff turnover, regulatory modifications, and changing market scenarios.

A workforce management program like Monday can make this job effortless and effective. It has several characteristics, is user-friendly, and is quite inexpensive. This straightforward and robust program is updated regularly with fresh features.

Using Monday enables you to strategize, supervise, and follow your teams’ work, along with things like paid time off (PTO), staff schedules, work needs, etc. It is a superb platform for optimizing your workforce efforts. 

In this blog post, you will learn how you can employ workforce software Monday to grow your revenue and your firm. You will also know its multiple aspects that can enhance your firm’s personnel management efforts.

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What is Monday?

Workforce software Monday is a cloud-based human resource (HR) and work management program that provides several features and products to facilitate organizations and consumers to handle their workflows as well as projects successfully.

It makes managing your job tasks, establishment, and career easier. Beginners, too, can effortlessly navigate this platform owing to its elevated intuitiveness. Using Monday, you can organize your firm plus supervise your staff and funds.

Plus, it can assist ventures in managing the info and benefits of their staff, processing payroll, following employee hours, marketing functions, CRM (customer relationship management), sales, etc. The site also shares knowledge and information on workforce programs with various people interested in them, including employees, partners, and individuals.

Workforce software Monday has several sales processes, video content, articles, blog posts, and other personnel handling resources. The company delivers flexible workflows and a visual scheduling interface for organizing assignments. It also integrates other platforms to offer better functionality.


The key elements of workforce software Monday are as follows:

  • Easy views: The tool makes filling in task information and arranging your assignments simpler.
  • Automation and integrations: Code-free automation lets you concentrate on essential tasks. Some of these include status updates, email alerts, automated workflows, task allocation, due date notifications, advancement updates, time tracking, etc. Integrations help in combining all your preferred tools in a single place, such as Outlook, Slack, Dropbox, Zoom, Excel, Google Drive, etc. 
  • Files and docs: This allows all group files to be managed in one space. It lets you arrange and share files, build efficient and seamless workflows, and finalize assets quickly. Docs allow workers to connect, work together, and carry out workflows and ideas in a single space.
  • Gantt: Gantt charts enable planning, performing, and following of projects. This flexible and visual feature enables project supervision, dependency, milestone and progress follow-up, capacity plus workload administration, planning of projects, group collaboration, and much more.


Seeing the dashboard of workforce software Monday is simple with its free trial account. At first look, it seems very inviting, with an interface that is simple to navigate. Since the main elements of all the dashboards are different, a deeper look at one particular dashboard is provided below. It is the Sales CRM dashboard. The important features of this program’s CRM dashboard are as follows:

1. Groups

There are two chief groups on the dashboard. These include closed won deals plus sales pipeline. Groups are ideal for boosting your enterprise.

2. Kanban boards

There are two options, Kanban view or group view. The former is a visual system that simplifies handling and classifying everyday duties and augments productivity. This board uses columns and cards, along with regular improvement, so both teams and technology can take on the correct work quantity and accomplish it.

‘Kanban’ actually means visual signal in Japanese. It is also one of the main characteristics of workforce software Monday. This feature enhances workflows and communication so employees can work on projects faster without any stress.

Kanban aids managers in visualizing projects, limiting ongoing jobs, plus maximizing work efficiency. It also assists people in the technology and services groups to make their effort noticeable and tangible for their coworkers to see.

3. Sales forecast

This user-friendly and intuitive platform enables firms to evaluate their previous sales information and thereby visualize a booming sales future. The software offers pivot boards that let you divide your sales information to as much extent as you want, depending on your job’s requirements.

4. Project data visualization

As the name suggests, this feature lets leaders see the main details of their company and team members. This data is shown clearly, visually so that everyone can easily supervise and grasp it. The info can be tailored as per the team’s needs. Workforce software Monday transmits the info in multiple forms after creating the board. All staff members can view this info in the most suitable way that can amplify their work. 


The costs of workforce software Monday start from $0 and go up to $16 per seat. This price range is divided as per the features provided to customers. Take a look at the various benefits provided in its varied packages:

  • Individual: This is a free option and comprises a maximum of two seats. People who wish to monitor their work should use it. A couple of its features encompass a maximum of 3 boards, more than 200 templates, infinite files, Android and iOS mobile apps, and 20+ columns.
  • Basic: This plan will cost you $8 for one seat each month on an annual subscription plan. It is meant for people seeking to supervise their staff in a single place. This package contains all the individual plan features, along with document storage of 5 gigabytes, limitless free viewers, exclusive client support, plus one board dashboard.
  • Standard: It will cost $10 for one seat each month on an annual basis. The plan can be opted for amplifying and collaborating on team operations. It incorporates all the basic elements, on top of 250 integrations and automation every month, Gantt and calendar views, one dashboard on five boards, guest entry, etc.
  • Pro: This package is offered at $16 for a single seat each month on a yearly subscription. It is ideal for optimizing plus running intricate tasks of all company groups. This will provide all elements of the standard plan, on top of 25,000 integrations and automation monthly, formula columns, time following, chart views, private boards and files, etc.
  • Enterprise: For the price of this plan, you must reach out to Monday. This plan includes all pro features, plus advanced analytics, multi-level approvals, integrations and automation for big enterprises, etc.

All these pricing packages let you save 18% on the yearly subscription compared to the monthly one. Plus, there is a free trial option, so you can look into its features, services, and technology before you spend your hard-earned money on them.

Does Monday have a time-tracking feature?

Workforce software Monday incorporates time tracking like other similar programs. This allows the user to follow the attendance, performance, and operating hours of the employees. This info can then be utilized for making significant decisions regarding payroll, staffing levels, plus other issues related to human resources. It helps in better monitoring and supervising the staff's productivity.

The software comes in handy for workers. It enables them to manage their leaves as well as monitor their working hours. Plus, they can easily access their account using their smartphone at any time and anywhere on its app.

An organization’s staff can see their leave schedule and clock in and out of their shift. Plus, the user can manually enter the time they have spent or easily switch on and switch off the timer to know their precise working time frame.

Managers can view the number of hours their team members have worked, their billable hours, and whether they are working at a particular moment. The timesheet feature allows them to view the time taken by every employee on their respective tasks. 

They can also make schedules of workers. This can ensure that they are completing their shift hours every week. The platform also automates attendance data and staff portal time.

Additionally, it can be combined with other workforce tools so all the work can be gathered in a single place. All this data facilitates organizations in augmenting the output and efficacy of the staff. It aids in complying with government regulations on overtime wages as well.

Time management

Monday also enables employees to make custom applications in just a couple of minutes. These can be for scheduling and running upcoming projects, tracking projects and various courses, and much more. Leaders can run their methods, projects, and workflows in a single place and easily track their teams.

Furthermore, Monday enables managers to inform their staff members about the critical assignments that they must finish immediately and prioritize other jobs for each project. This platform works with approximately 2,000 other work applications that managers and staff members already use, thus making reporting, tracking, and automating their tasks simpler.

What is Monday workspace?

The workspace is a workforce software Monday feature that systematizes people's accounts so they can better supervise and easily navigate numerous teams, projects, and departments in a single place. In short, the workspace works as a virtual office wherein all the departments and hierarchical levels can be accessed from anywhere at any time. This enables users to pay attention to essential tasks.

With it, leaders can strategize, coordinate, and organize their groups proficiently. They can oversee the work done by their employees and other departments. This helps them save effort and time in everyday work schedules. Plus, it aids firms in working together in a way that improves the team’s output and productivity.

On making a new account, operators will see the ‘main workspace’ page. This feature can be used on all boards in the company to collaborate and regulate the work of every jobholder. Each employee is in this main workspace, and they can’t be removed or changed.

Creating Monday workspace

To make a new workspace, you need to do as follows:

  1. Open the dropdown menu on the workspace page. You can see this option at the top left side of your computer screen.
  2. From the options, select ‘Add workspace.’
  3. Then, you can provide a name for this workspace.
  4. You can add the existing and new employees you want via the ‘Members’ option.
  5. After this, employees can just transfer the boards to the pertinent workspaces in order to organize everything.
  6. You can create as many workspaces as you want. Enterprise account holders have the privilege to create open or closed workspaces.

Is Monday an HRIS?

Workforce software Monday is an HRIS (Human Resource Information System) program that can help manage staff information. With it, HRs can streamline and run regular workflows and minimize managerial expenses (like data entry). It helps firms make their internal HR procedures efficient.

Users can put new employees on the team and build personalized HR workflows and other supervision procedures. The software employs drag-and-drop technology and an extensive array of HR templates. Some of these encompass an applicant tracker, vacation tracker, employee details, staff engagement, feedback tracker, attendance tracker, hiring pipeline, and recruitment tracker.

A few pre-made templates used in this software include:

  • Employee onboarding: This template has all the reading text and training sessions that new employees need for their initial weeks on the job. It has automation without codes that inform other employees in the team about what they have to do to instate the new person appropriately.
  •  Applicant tracker: This template lets employees track inbound applications with ease.
  •  Hiring pipeline: Hiring managers can administer and optimize their employee recruitment pipeline. They can track potential candidates from beginning to end using embedded forms to automatically record pertinent contact information.
  •  Recruitment tracker: During the hiring procedure, employees can update the application position with the recruitment tracker template. This can provide the current status of all the job vacancies in the organization.
  • Attendance tracker: The attendance tracker records the regular attendance and absences of every worker, in addition to sick leaves, public holidays, and vacations.
  • Vacation tracker: This template enables personnel to schedule their vacations. The leave requests feature allows workers to get their leaves approved easily and faster.
  • Staff engagement: The system takes care of employee well-being by motivating and retaining workers with engaging activities and sharing relevant events with them. This is done via the employee engagement template. The performance of the employees can be managed properly with the performance reviews feature.
  • Feedback tracker: There is also the option to track feedback with the employee feedback form.
  • Employee details: The contact info of all the employees are managed through the employees’ info template.

Does Google have an equivalent of Monday? 

Google Workspace is similar to workforce software Monday.

The former comprises many business apps that provide different tools to work together and connect with fellow workers, supervise data, and store files on the Google platform. Google Workspace was earlier known as G Suite.

Users can employ their Google account for smooth connectivity between several familiar apps and for working together with suppliers, partners, consumers, as well as employees. Google Workspace enables people to simultaneously create and collectively edit in real time on Slides, Sheets, and Docs.

They can also chat on Meet and Chat, share timetables on a calendar, work on Gmail, and save and share documents on Drive. Many features are missing from Google Workspace compared to Monday, like there is no activity dashboard and planning area, a news feed, project management, forums, etc. The former also does not work on Linux computers.

On the other hand, Monday is a collaboration program and work system based on the cloud, wherein teams and managers can make their workflow applications instantly to run and follow their daily assignments, projects, and procedures. They can organize their work effectively and pay heed to the current jobs and projects. Plus, they can work together with their fellow employees and follow their assignments.

The platform also has workforce task management features for effectively managing output and scheduling tasks. This online project management tool can also be employed for allotting due dates and following work progress. The training is given in person as compared to Google Workspace.

Is workforce software Monday meant for you?

Workforce software Monday is one of the best project supervision and CRM firms that provide an extensive array of features and programs to assist employees in handling their workflows and assignments. It is ideal for people seeking a robust and effective work management platform. Like other workforce management systems, it lets you track, allocate, and optimize the people working in an organization.

Overall, workforce software Monday has a user-friendly, visually appealing, and intuitive interface with a high level of personalization. Its integrations and features allow easy and smooth incorporation of existing workflows. It is great for teams of every size handling different functions in several industries, including both startups and established companies.

Try workforce software Monday today to empower your employees to manage their work effectively!

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